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By Julie Blackadder

Yesterday Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, leaders of the English Defence League, went for a 24 mile walk round the perimeter of Tower Hamlets. Tommy had announced in a video posted on Thursday, that he was doing this to raise money to cover his costs from losing the judicial review he requested, over the decision to disallow EDL from marching past the East End Mosque in Tower Hamlets last Saturday.


The walk itself was largely uneventful. After a Muslim kryptonite bacon- powered sandwich, Keith and Orville toddled off about midday from Aldgate in STOP FGM teeshirts, followed by some ant-fascists. There was a lot of pantomime Getting A Bit Lost, which conveniently led to them crossing the border into Tower Hamlets, thus breaking Tommy’s bail conditions without him being arrested.


Around 5pm, Tommy tweeted that they had 8 miles to go, but then for reasons best known to themselves, they diverted to distant Woolwich, a place which no-one, any longer, gives a monkey’s if they visit or not, finally arriving back in Aldgate about midnight.

But what kind of walk was it?


Oh, a sponsored walk. Who were they raising money for though?


Right got it, it was another charidee walk. So why was the cash donated being paid into the EDL merchandising Paypal account, and not, say, one of several charities who campaign to end FGM? Why not carry a bucket with you, to collect for FGM on the way? Because, you know, otherwise people might think that Tommy was using the horrific abuse of women to scam his gullible followers into giving more money towards their legal fund. Surely not.


Apparently so. The drama scamarama doesn’t end there though. In Tommy’s video above, he claims that if he fails to pay the defendants costs in his unsuccessful judicial review within 28 days, he will be sent to jail for 28 days. What. A. Crock.


"Enforcement of judgement

When a judgement is obtained, the unsuccessful party may make payment voluntarily. If it does not, various enforcement procedures are available including arranging for assets to be seized and sold or obtaining a charging order over the unsuccessful party’s property. There is also the option of forcing the party into insolvency if the judgement sum is not paid.”

None of that sounds pleasant, but I don’t see any option which involves Tommy being banged up again, and why would it? Judicial reviews are a civil matter: no-one would ever bring one if it meant they were potentially going to prison if they lost. What with Tommy’s assets, as he is constantly bleeding telling us, being frozen, I doubt he has much to fear from the actual penalties either.

So EDL sheeple, what it comes down to, to paraphrase Tommy’s own words, is that Tommy doesn’t care, that the whole world is watching Tommy blatantly stitch you up.


Thanks to @MohammadFa15al.

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Sport are Disbury. EDL fail to take responsibility for fascists in the ranks, shock.

http://exposingon.tumblr.com/post/60762181462/well-what-do-you-know-the-edl-just-cant-let-their  If you were paying attention a few days ago you would have seen us post this blog about the EDL welcoming back hate filled racist Arthur Disbury to the ranks. We decied to ask Tommy’s, main page admin and runner of EDL support group Hel Gower her response to this, as she is the person who cnfirmed his original expulsion. This was her response: image

As you can see she tried deflection and denial. So, here is where the pic was found, on the EDL main page. It’s still there, Expose stitch up is it Hel? image

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Well what do you know? The EDL just can’t let their fascist nutters go

By Janie Jones

http://exposingon.tumblr.com/post/23722937115/the-edl-and-the-scary-case-of-arthur-disbury  Anyone remember this?
In May last year, a lifetime ago in the life of the EDL, Hel Gower, “Tommy’s PA” and general scapegoat for the EDL, confirmed that arch nutter, Arthur Disbury AKA Tony Davies, had been chucked out of the EDL,
Now, as they are a (dis)organisation without a membership, this is quite some feat.
      Disbury often spouts vile views and hatred from his Twitter account and youtube closed several of his accounts. He also has a starring role in our Criminals List http://edlcriminals.com/?s=arthur+disbury+. Not the kind of guy the EDL would want to be associated with you would think. Well. this is the EDL, Throwing him out was just for show. We spotted him at their Manchester demo, and here we have been given proof he was at the Tower Hamlets demo. http://i.imgur.com/4r2BfgX.jpg  Scream all you like about kicking out the Nazis, but you will be judged by those you choose to associate with. 

Thanks to Vicky Clementine 

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Tommy, Don’t Be A Hero.

By Julie Blackadder and Janie Jones

It’s been all quiet on the Tommy Robinson Bandwagon of Panto Bigotry lately, but today fash and anti-fash Twitter and facebook were all agog again, with the news that Tommy and Unkle Kev Carroll had been remanded into custody. Only for one night, mind, so no heartbreaking tales of Nando’s longing in prospect. Phew.


Apparently, Tommy had been obliged to go to the police station about a change to his bail conditions, set after his arrest for obstructing the police during his charridee walk to Woolwich back in June.



However, within 2 hours, Tommy and Kev had, instead of being taken to HMP Wandsworth, appeared at Westminster Court and been bailed until 11th September, with a day off for the Tower Hamlets demo on the 7th. Very kind of them.


This struck us as an interesting course of events, and sure enough when we looked up the law on changes to bail conditions:-

Changes to bail conditions, whether set by the police or the courts, require an application to the magistrates court. So we suspect Tommy and Kev’s claim that they were remanded at the police station, was hewn from purest bullshit: just another spurious episode in the mythology of Tommy the hero, bravely risking jail rather than let down the faithful for Tower Hamlets.

Here are Tommy’s bail conditions as received from the court.


Shortly after posting them on Twitter, Tommy tweeted this:-


Well that’s fascinating, Tommy, because the Crown Prosecution Sevice clearly states that,

” In particular, Rule 19.25(1) places a requirement on the defendant to notify the prosecutor of the address at which he would reside if released on bail with a condition of residence as soon as practicable after the institution of proceedings, and as soon as practicable after any change of address.”

You are such an idiot.

Pathetic attempts at martyrdom aside, presumably these bail conditions were set for a reason, like the fact that the offence occurred at an EDL related event, and the fact that Tommy has previous for thuggish behaviour at EDL demos. So why on earth has an exception been made for Tower Hamlets? Effectively the court is saying that Tommy can’t attend any demos, unless he’s actually got a demo on. Brilliant.


Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll after todays bail hearing


Scotland Yard said officers had decided to remand Yaxley-Lennon, 30, from Luton in Bedfordshire, in custody when he was charged to allow magistrates to decide on bail conditions.
A spokesman said: “Decisions around bail conditions are made on a case-by-case basis dependent on the nature of the offence committed and the likelihood of the person charged adhering to those conditions. On this occasion officers made the decision to remand him in custody to appear immediately at Westminster Magistrates’ Court to allow them to make a decision as to the suitability of police proposed bail conditions.”
The conditions were upheld and he was released.
Carroll, 44, also from Luton, answered police bail later in the day and was charged without appearing in court.”


Anyone else see the word ‘overnight’ mentioned? Nope, me neither.

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EDL’s Tommy Robinson arrest a set piece?


Two days ago Tommy Robinson of the EDL was warned that his walk from Hyde Park to Woolwich could not go through Tower Hamlets or he risked arrest. He deliberately chose a route that would take him past East London Mosque.

Yesterday he tweeted that he would “be in a cell by lunchtime” . https://twitter.com/chilla786/status/351083857832988672/photo/1

Then, he walks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7rE9RenRDM&feature=youtu.be Police continuously try to agree a different route, Tommy chooses to continue walking. There is an “attack” from men, who seemed to have been walking with the men moments before. This leads the police to arrest Tommy.  *Update, it would seem that it was anti EDL who fought with Kev. This doesn’t change the basic facts that Kev was the aggressor and that they went there to cause tensions. If idiot antis helped them, then they just handed them an excuse.

All this rather neatly leads to the EDL calling for “direct action” http://twitpic.com/czwucc

Could all this have been an EDL plan to rile up their supporters and get those feet on the streets? Tommy loves to play the martyr, the “political prisoner” It wouldn’t be the first time the EDL have contrived outrage to up the numbers at a demo.

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