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Expose turns thirty.

So our wee band of 600 odd Exposers, goodies, characters and stalkers have been blown up on Facebook 29 times now.  Seriously tho… ahm gonna have a moan. Facebook groups attracting tens of thousands who come together to share their religious hatred, inhumane racism and graphic content, happily skip along while we get bounced over and over and over again. I want my fucking money back.  

Report bombing is a bitch. I’m toying with blaming the Neo Nazi’s, the NWO, Islamic muslamic jahadists and whatnot but really, what’s the point. After drive by shooting 15 we wised up and started moving our content around different forms of social media (Tadah That’s why I’m here battling the Harry Potter and porn feeds on TUMBLR) we also have great friends covering the world of YouTube and twitter. Unlike the English Defence League we never call for Mosques to be razed to the ground during Friday Prayers we just throw up a massive fuck off red arrow above networks of people that do. They have 96,368 fans we have 137. Go figure.

And so we turn thirty. A little less keen to take our top off at any old party, measured enough to know exactly what we want and jaded enough to be a spectacular pain in the ass at every opportunity.  We have the demise of several EDL leaders and divisions under our belts and we aren’t finished yet.

If you don’t know what we do and why the English Defence League are so terrified of us they target us at every opportunity, pop by and check us out. We screw the EDL over every single day, we like a wee bit of cake and we are growing in to our Gin thing :o)



Our page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Exposing-racism-and-intolerance-online-EDL-XXX/204837019566083

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