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Eye witness report from Leicester.

11.05 Small number of EDL at demo area by the canal playing their songs loudly on speakers.

11.27 Police at Clock Tower put it under a Section 14. Threaten assembled UAF with arrest if they don’t leave. Shouts of disagreement from the UAF.

11.38 Police have driven the UAF back from the Clock Tower to outside H. Samuel on Gallowtree Gate. Arrest woman with shaven green hair in black coat.

11.40 Police issue final warning and continue driving the UAF, who are chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!”, back down Gallowtree Gate. 

11.45 Police form line across Humberstone Gate.

11.50 Police have driven the UAF back to junction of Gallowtree Gate and Halford Street. 

12.10 Police move crowd back from Clock Tower along East Gates.

12.36 EDL move down St. Margaret’s Way and are halted. Police vans escort in the last two EDL coaches.

13.05 EDL come round corner onto Burley’s Way. There is some souting between one or two of their number and a couple of counter-protestors stood on a wall. I estimate numbers to be about 1,000*, but being at street level makes estimations difficult. March keeps stopping. As the EDL round the corner about four, no more than half a dozen, people clap them. 

13.25 Heavy police prescence holding back bemused weekend crowds at Clock Tower. Some SWP people and street pastors going around. The police dogs are noisy in their van.

13.30 EDL reach Clock Tower.

13.40 EDL on Church Gate.

13.45 EDL stopped on Church Gate at junction with St. Peter’s Lane. They were booed by locals. There were quite a few people with cameras taking photos, including professional photographers and what looked like students. The EDL was singing “You’re not English any more!” at the crowd. Two separate police lines kept both crowds apart.

13.50 Police gradually forced the crowd of locals and photographers back down St. Peter’s Lane towards the Cherry Tree pub, including a woman with a pram. At the front of the crowd in the road are are group of angry Asian men and there is some pushing and shoving between them and the police as they are moved back away from the EDL. Soon afterwards whilst trying to get closer to the EDL march via Butt Close, reporters and local youths are chased by police with drawn batons away from Church Gate.

14.00 EDL go back up St. Margaret’s Way to the demo ground.

14.30 The first of the promised snow begins to fall.

16.15 I entered a local fast food restaurant, part of a popular chain. Upon entering and complaining of being cold, I was asked by the girl (for what it’s worth she was white) serving me if I liked snow? I said yes, but I didn’t like being cold and had been out in it all day. She then asked me, unprompted and quite randomly, if I’d been to the demo. I said I’d been observing it, so she asked if I was for or against the EDL? When I said I was against them, she told me that as 700 police officers had been deployed it was a waste of money and mentioned how wrong that is when the Government are making cuts to save money. She also couldn’t understand how if racism is illegal, how the EDL were given permission to do a racist demo? She also told me how she’d been looking at her customers and wondering if any were EDL. Another pair of customers came in, a young man and woman, and the man asked what had been going on in the city? The other member of staff (an Asian gentleman) said that the EDL, the English Defence League, were holding a protest. The customer looked nonplussed and had a blank look on his face, as if that name was meaningless. No hint of recognition. As I was leaving I noticed a sign in the window saying that the restaurant was halal, as it seemed were several eateries in the locality.

As I was making my way home Leicester looked very white. Shame the EDL weren’t around to see it.

*The police estimate was up to 700.

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Violent Football Thug Jeff Marsh is EDL Spokesman for Leicester Demo

"First of all, Marsh doesn’t even attempt to come across as a pleasant character but rather a small minded racist thug (Reference to black people as “darkies” Asians as “Bombay Bad-Boys” Driving their “Quickie Mart-Mobile”) Who runs with fellow small minded thugs who spend most of their spare time attacking rival fans (Hooligans or otherwise he openly admits to attacking normal fans) Club bouncers, left wing protesters, taxi drivers pretty much anyone he meets. He openly admits to carrying Stanley knives and other assorted weapons and using them at will."

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