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The great EDL poppy hypocrisy

Yesterday our heroes, the EDL posted this picture, using the armed forces and the image of poppies to advertise their demo in Norwich, Their demo in Norwich in favour of a homophobic minister who has been banned from having a stall on the towns market for handing out anti Islamic literature, http://exposingon.tumblr.com/post/27473594961/once-again-the-edl-align-themselves-with-homophobia-in nothing to dowith Remembrance or the armed forces. 
Meanwhile they felt the need to defend themselves against rumours that their RO’s are selling poppy badges. They expressed their disgust that anyone could make money out of poppies.

even their armed forces pages are pushing knock off poppies 

its hardly the first time is it? http://exposingon.tumblr.com/post/5614259283/edl-support-our-troops-kind-of  you know what EDL? you want to lecture everyone else, you want to preserve the dignity of the poppy? Stop using it to score cheap political points and to make money and leave it for the people who really serve this country. 

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Violent Football Thug Jeff Marsh is EDL Spokesman for Leicester Demo

"First of all, Marsh doesn’t even attempt to come across as a pleasant character but rather a small minded racist thug (Reference to black people as “darkies” Asians as “Bombay Bad-Boys” Driving their “Quickie Mart-Mobile”) Who runs with fellow small minded thugs who spend most of their spare time attacking rival fans (Hooligans or otherwise he openly admits to attacking normal fans) Club bouncers, left wing protesters, taxi drivers pretty much anyone he meets. He openly admits to carrying Stanley knives and other assorted weapons and using them at will."

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Joe Cardiff’s new video pledges EDL support to anti Muslim, racist, violent youtube ranter.

If you haven’t seen a Joe Cardiff video, turn the volume down a touch, make sure the kids are in bed and prepare to laugh your ass off. Donning a balaclava and a beer Joe takes on the ‘faceless’ CPS. Amid the ranting (he hates getting arrested) he insists the EDL should support fellow youtube regular and EDL veteran Tony Davis/Arthur Disbury during his upcoming court case. Really?

A man who uploads video’s saying this?

”Well hello my EDLers once again, have you ever had one of those days where you feel like putting on a suicide vest and walking into a fucking Mosque and shouting PORK CHOPS AHHHHHHHHH!”

Shite Move Joe, the guy has a hard drive which would make even your eye holes wince. Walk away fruitloop…

Check out Tony’s filth here:


Darcy Jones

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EDL – Not racist, not violent, but no longer silent……

……They also “know where you live”, and want you to shut up, or face the consequences.

By Acker Bilk

“Not Racist, not violent, but no longer silent” - one of the EDL’s infamously inaccurate slogans. I’m not going to elaborate on the “Not Racist” bit, as frankly that’s been more than adequately covered elsewhere. Also, sadly, “Not violent” doesn’t need a specific mention, as the concept seems to be alien to the EDL– they are steeped in violence, whether it’s violent acts, or as aggressive rhetoric.

So, “No longer silent”. A fine sentiment, and one most people would think is worthy. People should have the right to voice their opinion without fear of reprisals, intimidation, or undue harassment. However, this being the EDL, they’re making the rules up as they go along, and expecting preferential treatment. As the EDL hold their right to free speech so highly, what’s their take on others’ rights to free speech? Let’s not forget that they were formed to prevent demonstrations (no matter what you think of the frankly insane I4UK / MAC, that’s free speech – even if anyone in their right minds should find these clowns offensive), and ‘Tommy’ performed a flying kick at someone practising their right to free speech on Armistice Day. So much for the “Not Violent”.

“Not silent”? Well, Tommy’s been given an inordinate amount of airtime and press coverage for someone who leads what can best be described as a fringe organisation with (let’s not forget this) no official membership figures, and a grand total of zero democratically elected leaders. So the EDL can’t complain they’re not being listened to. Being taken seriously for their beliefs is another matter, but people are listening. Often with their hands over their mouths to either conceal their shock or stifle a giggle. Paxman’s facial expression when he was trying to get ‘Tommy’ to make sense was a case in point.

So, now we’ve established that the EDL have their free speech – at no small cost to the towns where they choose to exercise this right – what about their take on others’ right to free speech? I’ll just get a pre-emptive shot in at this stage. Yes, I know that anyone can set up a facebook profile, and I’m also well aware of “banter”, and “hyperbole”. For anybody unaware of what this blog (and our Facebook page) do, we collect evidence of the EDL and their supporters being racist, and intolerant. That’s pretty much it. We then publish this online. So we’re helping these individuals with their right to free speech. Don’t like “Pakis”? We’ll make sure more people hear your message. Think all Muslims should be killed? We can spread that to a wider audience.

Following image enlarged here: http://twitpic.com/3ybtq7


So what happens when we do this (and by “we”, I don’t just mean the Exposing Admins, but regular contributors and critics, too)? What happens when people have the audacity to question the EDL, or attempt debate? Is there a mature discussion? Maybe a frank exchange, of a robust nature?

Sadly, neither of these things generally happens. Any attempt at engaging with the EDL on “their turf” – Fora, Facebook pages etc, will fairly quickly result in insults, accusations of being either a “Dhimmi”, “Muzzie”, or “Commie”, then a wave of abuse, before you are finally kicked off the Forum (no matter how polite you’ve been), and called a “Troll”. That’s not free speech, that’s barracking and censorship.



So you take your discussion elsewhere. You may end up joining and participating in groups that are critical of the EDL. You get a reputation for being “bolshie”. The next stage is that you’ll find out that your account has been disabled, or the group you joined itself has been disabled. This is a process known as “Mass reporting”, or “Report bombing”. Basically, Facebook and other social networking sites have an automated response, where if enough complaints are received, the offending article (for example a profile) is removed without any investigation. To regain control of your profile, you’ll need to send them a copy of your passport, so if you’re using a pseudonym, you’re screwed. When this happens several times, you’re being harassed (or persecuted if you want to be dramatic) for your views, bizarrely with the tacit approval of Facebook.


If you should persist in confronting the EDL and its supporters, you’ll get threats. Lots of them. These can be quite lurid at times, and upsetting for many who receive them – especially those who have been nothing but polite. Fancy opening a death or rape threat over your breakfast? Most of us don’t, thanks.


If you get really high on EDL supporter’s shit list, they’ll try to track down you and your associate’s real identity and whereabouts. EDL opponent’s addresses, telephone numbers, places of work, and other particulars can be found scattered all around the darker parts of the interwebs, along with veiled (but frequently quite explicit) threats. What exactly is the necessity of telling someone you “know where they live”? That’s intimidation, regardless of whether it comes attached to a direct threat.

But here’s the rub – they’re usually wrong. Often they’re so wrong it’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen a single one of these “outings” that has even been close to 50% correct. So is this a problem, if their intelligence is so faulty? Yes. Given the speed with which information travels across the internet, and the Chinese whispers effect, rumours and outright lies are accepted as unquestionable fact within hours. When that unquestionable fact involves the potential targeting of a complete innocent, we should all be worried for our right to free speech, the safety of innocent people, and for the mentality of the people behind these threats.

following image enlarged here: http://twitpic.com/3ybr6n

 Let’s finish this blog with a Reader’s Digest style “It pays to enrich your word power” All definitions are from the OED online;

Free speech - the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint.

Intimidation - the action of intimidating someone, or the state of being intimidate 

Harassment - aggressive pressure or intimidation

Terrorism  -  the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

Many thanks to all our exposers.xxx

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