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The great EDL poppy hypocrisy

Yesterday our heroes, the EDL posted this picture, using the armed forces and the image of poppies to advertise their demo in Norwich, Their demo in Norwich in favour of a homophobic minister who has been banned from having a stall on the towns market for handing out anti Islamic literature, http://exposingon.tumblr.com/post/27473594961/once-again-the-edl-align-themselves-with-homophobia-in nothing to dowith Remembrance or the armed forces. 
Meanwhile they felt the need to defend themselves against rumours that their RO’s are selling poppy badges. They expressed their disgust that anyone could make money out of poppies.

even their armed forces pages are pushing knock off poppies 

its hardly the first time is it? http://exposingon.tumblr.com/post/5614259283/edl-support-our-troops-kind-of  you know what EDL? you want to lecture everyone else, you want to preserve the dignity of the poppy? Stop using it to score cheap political points and to make money and leave it for the people who really serve this country. 

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Violent Football Thug Jeff Marsh is EDL Spokesman for Leicester Demo

"First of all, Marsh doesn’t even attempt to come across as a pleasant character but rather a small minded racist thug (Reference to black people as “darkies” Asians as “Bombay Bad-Boys” Driving their “Quickie Mart-Mobile”) Who runs with fellow small minded thugs who spend most of their spare time attacking rival fans (Hooligans or otherwise he openly admits to attacking normal fans) Club bouncers, left wing protesters, taxi drivers pretty much anyone he meets. He openly admits to carrying Stanley knives and other assorted weapons and using them at will."

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Anyone who opposes the EDL in Blackpool wears Speedos FACT.

And we’re gonna kick your heads in..

By Cid Vicioso.

“Seriously now right and I mean this, and read theses words carefully as you may yet have to mull them over in your hospital bed”

Have I got your full attention? Good. Oh, don’t worry, those aren’t my words, I’ve not turned into some crazed loon overnight! These are the words which greeted me yesterday afternoon while surfing the net and watching the Grand Prix… who says blokes can’t multi task? There I was, edge of my seat as summat happened, or didn’t, or summink, to a car or someone, when up popped EDL Blackburn division with the goods. A link to Casuals United blog page. “well, there’s nowt better happening, I may as well have a look”

Wow . I mean WOW! Check this out.

Substitute ‘defend paedophiles’ & ‘defend child killers’ for ‘oppose the EDL’. Joe just makes stuff up.

That’s some serious shit right there. 2. Count them, TWO credible threats of violence in seven short sentences. That’s some going eh. ‘So who’s making these threats?’ I hear you ask. Good question, I’d want some answers too.

Jeff/Joe/pyscho asking just a few days earlier why the police were asking residents if the prospect of an EDL march ‘frightened’ them….. why do you think Jeff? you issue threats of violence online. Fuck up. http://goo.gl/PngSr

So, here we go, Casuals United is run by Jeff Marsh. Aka Joe Cardiff. Aka Joke Ardiff. Aka Arryedl. Jeff is a lovely fella, the kind you could take home to meet Mother for Sunday lunch. Especially if Mother has a penchant for convicted, violent football hooligans. See, Marshy has served several chunks of time for violence, including two years for STABBING two Manchester United fans. In 2010 Marsh was banned from football matches for 5 years, after being arrested with knuckle dusters, after a Cardiff City vs. Celtic game. He was also given 4 months suspended and 150 hours community service. Nice guy huh?

Should these threats be taken seriously? I’m not sure really, given the man’s previous and knowing how much EDL and Casuals enjoy a ruck. And given the sensitive nature of the cause that both have railroaded to suit their agenda. I’d say yes. What I do know is that all relevant information has been forwarded to Lancashire Police and the particular post has been removed from Blackburn div’s page and Casuals United’s blog. Perhaps the two are linked or perhaps Marsh put down his Stella can down long enough to realise that a serious crime had just been committed.

Anyway, time for Cid’s advice corner.

  • If you are thinking of attending the anti demo, please stay safe.
  • don’t wear your “I heart pedos hats.”
  • Try to avoid side streets.
  • Avoid wandering off alone.
  • Have 999 as your last dialled on your mobile phone.
  • If you see any groups of lads, obviously on the hunt, get somewhere safe fast.
    And keep your cameras handy, photos make for great evidence.
  • But above all, bring me cake!


    thanks to:
    The Darce for giving me the kick up the arse.
    Conan Batterchrist, Hazel Zebulon. @everythingedl. And all at expose.

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Joe Cardiff’s new video pledges EDL support to anti Muslim, racist, violent youtube ranter.

If you haven’t seen a Joe Cardiff video, turn the volume down a touch, make sure the kids are in bed and prepare to laugh your ass off. Donning a balaclava and a beer Joe takes on the ‘faceless’ CPS. Amid the ranting (he hates getting arrested) he insists the EDL should support fellow youtube regular and EDL veteran Tony Davis/Arthur Disbury during his upcoming court case. Really?

A man who uploads video’s saying this?

”Well hello my EDLers once again, have you ever had one of those days where you feel like putting on a suicide vest and walking into a fucking Mosque and shouting PORK CHOPS AHHHHHHHHH!”

Shite Move Joe, the guy has a hard drive which would make even your eye holes wince. Walk away fruitloop…

Check out Tony’s filth here:


Darcy Jones

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