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A Gay Man’s Response to ‘The EDL, Tommy Robinson and the Christian Homophobes.’

By Alan Shore

My name is Alan Shore, (really it is, just like the character in Boston Legal)  and I am a gay man.  In 1988 I was walking alone at night close to where I lived and because this street was next to the one with the local gay bar, I was attacked by six men and hospitalised.  These men, it turns out, had come to the city because of the football match being played that day.  Apparently they were looking for a fight with rival supporters and when that didn’t happen, decided to do a bit of gay bashing instead. 

So when I read statements, comments and indignation from the EDL about homophobia, you can understand why I am more than a little sceptical.  The EDL after all is made up of these football hooligans from the 1980’s and 1990’s who used to bash gay people all the time. I have also checked out the LGBT Division page and found it to be as gay friendly as George Carey on a bad day. 

So it comes as no surprise to me to read about Tommy Robinson’s meeting with an organisation that is homophobic in the extreme.  So much for Tommy’s anger at Muslim homophobia. So much for the EDL’s stoic support for gay rights.  And whilst Tommy is pandering to Christian homophobes whilst hypocritically condemning Muslim ones I have to wonder  why there has been no comment from him and his little group of hooligan thugs on these recent issues, if they care so much about gay rights






Maybe its because the EDL has members like these:

Dan Rougvie

Every Muslim country I’ve been to is full of gays. Can’t see women before marriage, so they bum each other.

Richie Carey

Oh sorry I just assumed that because of your name and because you are a bum fuk….

Christopher Earl

Maybe admin will ban this sandal dancing poofta?

Laura Anderson

Just the simple act of disagreeing with homosexuality is enough to get a person branded as a homophobe.  What happened to free speech?

Joseph Mulligan

All Muslims are Allah’s arse buddies

All the above come from EDL pages and I have screen shots if proof is required.  There are hundreds more and many far far worse.

For the record, I stand against homophobia, no matter where it comes from.  I have and do challenge it no matter where it comes from.  I, however, am unwilling to slander an entire religion because of some people’s views.  However,  it sickens me when the Far Right and the EDL in particular jump on this bandwagon when they are clearly as bad if not worse than the other scum that gay people have to deal with everyday. 

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