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Far right unity (continued) from Malatesta’s Blog

Far Right Unity (continued).
(original here ^^^)

'No you can't have my sweetie!'

This is a list of the far right groupuscules hovering around at the moment. Most are little more than made-up Facebook groups with a couple of likes from their mates. The far right is seriously fragmented as few of them can stand working together. Which is hardly surprising as they are all a set of fuckbugling arse trumpets! We are regularly updating it so if you hear of another desperate bunch let us know! 

British Democrats

Britain First

British Free Corps

British Freedom

British National Party

British Patriot Alliance,

Cagoules Unlimited

Combined Ex-Forces

Combined Ex-Services


English Democrats,

England’s Golden Dawn,

English Nationalist Alliance,

English People’s Party

English Volunteer Force

Freedom Democrats

Liberty GB

National Culturists

National English Unity

New British Union

North-East Infidels

NorthWest Infidels

National Front

Northern Patriotic Front

Scottish Defence League

South East Alliance

United People’s Party

Young Wolf


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The great EDL poppy hypocrisy

Yesterday our heroes, the EDL posted this picture, using the armed forces and the image of poppies to advertise their demo in Norwich, Their demo in Norwich in favour of a homophobic minister who has been banned from having a stall on the towns market for handing out anti Islamic literature, http://exposingon.tumblr.com/post/27473594961/once-again-the-edl-align-themselves-with-homophobia-in nothing to dowith Remembrance or the armed forces. 
Meanwhile they felt the need to defend themselves against rumours that their RO’s are selling poppy badges. They expressed their disgust that anyone could make money out of poppies.

even their armed forces pages are pushing knock off poppies 

its hardly the first time is it? http://exposingon.tumblr.com/post/5614259283/edl-support-our-troops-kind-of  you know what EDL? you want to lecture everyone else, you want to preserve the dignity of the poppy? Stop using it to score cheap political points and to make money and leave it for the people who really serve this country. 

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Violent Football Thug Jeff Marsh is EDL Spokesman for Leicester Demo

"First of all, Marsh doesn’t even attempt to come across as a pleasant character but rather a small minded racist thug (Reference to black people as “darkies” Asians as “Bombay Bad-Boys” Driving their “Quickie Mart-Mobile”) Who runs with fellow small minded thugs who spend most of their spare time attacking rival fans (Hooligans or otherwise he openly admits to attacking normal fans) Club bouncers, left wing protesters, taxi drivers pretty much anyone he meets. He openly admits to carrying Stanley knives and other assorted weapons and using them at will."

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