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The forces sweetheart & the Extreme Right.

Recently we exposed a committed English Defence League supporter as a man also dedicated to a loyalist terrorist group, violent intentions towards British Muslims, a fan of guns, Neo Nazi symbolism and well up for issuing online threats of violence. It was a pretty standard English Defence League bingo full house. Coincidentally on the same day I noticed some pretty heavy patronage of a forces ‘charity’ called Troops Relief on the EDL official fan page.

When ever I see the EDL punt a forces charity there is usually a depressingly familiar background to it. From the forces retreat run by a couple charged with racial hatred towards a Muslim guest, to a forces homeless charity investigated for being run by an ex BNP candidate, using BNP owned premises as a BNP front and promoted heavily on BNP web sites. When it comes to charities the EDL never run with the main stream and there is always an angle.

I wasn’t particularly surprised to discover Troops Relief was run by Jo Cleary. I was a bit surprised to see her pop up on Andrew Dymock’s (Andi Qpr Authentique) FACEBOOK profile thread while he raged about the injustice of being exposed as a racist, violent extremist.  What a bizarre friend for a charity guru to have? Yeah well, in Jo Cleary’s case, not really.

As the thread continues it is suggested “Lets go and fuck em over. Up the downs, strip em, douse em with petrol then dance around them playing with matches. I’m up for it mate”. At this point Jo was naturally horrified at her participation and promptly removed Andi from her friends list.

Told the poster threatening to find people and set them on fire was very illegal and depraved

Removed herself from the thread.


The full thread for Dodge who missed the irony in crossing out Jo’s reactions. They were what she SHOULD have said ;o) she didn’t


Jo Clearly has form for ‘unfortunate associations’ ones which firmly and consistently cement her fate to the extreme right. But, she isn’t a member of the BNP. She can’t be, she’s actually effective at promoting their aims, albeit dishonestly. We need to move forward from the fact her FACEBOOK friends lists holds literally hundreds of vocal BNP and EDL supporters because Jo has NO connections to them.

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