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A Distorted Kind of Reality

I thought I’d give a few examples of just how the EDL think and how their thought patterns don’t really conform to most people’s definition of reality.

Muslims and Asians


As noted previously the EDL go out of their way to make a big fuss any time grooming gangs are referred to as “Asian”, insisting that they be called “Muslim” instead. This is entirely down to them having to keep up the pretence that they are against Islam as a religion and not just a bunch of “Paki-bashing” racists. References to members of their victim group as “Asian” merely underline what they’re really about, so they hate it.
Just how stupid the picture is can be summed up thus.

1. They have multiple different ethnic groups on there from Asia (some of whom, like Burma and India, may well be Muslims), which they collectively refer to as the “Asian race”, but leave out Pakistanis. Pakistan being an Asian country.

2. The grooming gang in the photo consists of men of Pakistani origin.

3. Saying they should be called Muslims as “Asian” covers many different ethnicities is hypocritical, because “Muslim” covers many different ethnicities including Turks, Albanians, Moroccans, Malaysians Somalis and Nigerians, none of whom are represented in the above “Muslims” image.

We have no free speech

There’s a line between free speech and mere rabble-rousing hatred. The EDL don’t believe it should apply to them, although they’re happy to call for Anjem Choudary to be hanged  for what he says, when in truth he’s no different from them. If they themselves had no free speech they wouldn’t have been at liberty to chat shite for the last five years.


  • Craig Carrick Holsgrove I’ve just been suspended because of the views I have. I put on twitter that I believe Muslims are paedo’s, this got reported to the police and the police reported my tweet to my company. I am devastated and heartbroken that something I know is true and something I truly believe in has resulted in me being a victim of my own view
Craig Carrick Holsgrove has been suspended from his job for saying he thinks Muslims are paedophiles and that’s because we have no free speech….but wait, how are they able to write this if they have no free speech? No, dear Craig, the law says you can’t go round whipping up hatred of minority groups by the use of libellous bullshit. How would he feel if some Muslim said he was a paedophile due to Jimmy Saville being white and a Christian?

get Over yourselves. Playing the race card again. Shame on you all

Muslims are paedo’s end off, the book says it’s ok

Looking at the tweet (since removed) he does appear to be labouring under the false impression that the Qu’ran advocates paedophilia. It doesn’t. In fact it would appear there are all sorts of things in the Qu’ran according to the EDL that a search reveals aren’t actually in there. According to the EDL the Qu’ran even allows for having sex with goats! The EDL seem happy to accept baseless rumours as fact, so I suspect the ground upon which Mr. Holgrove intends to stand will collapse under his feet the moment he cites the Qu’ran as evidence. 

We’re peaceful!

I found this one particularly funny!

Oh no, they’ve taken his human rights away from him and are treating him like a terrorist or extremist! Please send money, because he’s helped the cause in the past!

But wait….

So he’s got 45 months inside for violent disorder at the EDL’s Walsall demonstration. A bit violent ain’t he?

And do this….



And this….

….make you think that he’s anything other than a violent, racist maniac? Oh, and Mrs Schultz can forget about getting any help from the EDL, because they probably forgot about Richard Schultz the moment he got sent down.

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Alan Henning: The EDL’s Reaction To His Murder

Do you want to know what sick is? The following. Alan Henning, a good man, was brutally murdered by the scum of ISIL. What was the EDL reaction? This.


A link to the image: http://oi62.tinypic.com/68vscz.jpg


It’s turns out the British hostage Alan Henning is a well intentioned idiot who was helping out militant Islamists.

Father-of-two Mr Henning, from Eccles, Salford, was seized by jihadists in Syria while attempting to deliver aid and now faces death at the hands of ISIS…


Far Left British aid worker Alan Henning beheaded by ISIS brute ‘Jihadi John’…
BREAKING NEWS: British ISIS hostage Alan Henning ‘beheaded’
A video purporting to show the beheading of British aid working Alan Henning by ISIS militants in Syria has been posted online. At the end of the footage, American war veteran Peter Kassig is shown.
  • 2 people like this.
  • Darren Adamson He wont be going back there in a hurry.
  • Unplugged Debate (Renovate Animos) I have little sympathy…
  • Sumit Singh Sandal You have little sympathy…that makes sense, unfortunately.
  • Paul Broadfield he was according to the headline “far left” …a strong message to left wingers !
  • Darren Adamson i find it hard, these are the kind of do gooders that have a burning hatred for nationalists and call us all racists. No sympathy here.
  • Unplugged Debate (Renovate Animos) He meant well - I get that - but he was a well meaning idiot…
  • Stephanie Mitchell Pull all westerners out of the whole of the middle east and level it . Worlds problems solved
  • John Swales He’s one of the use full idiots we warned the far left about.
  • Sumit Singh Sandal Level it? I wondered when you’d come up with a sensible idea Stephanie Mitchell.
  • Darren Adamson The same as all the arse lickers here who will be in the firing line when they turn on our streets.
  • Stephanie Mitchell Theres no harm in voicing what many think
    The original title of the article was "British aid worker Alan Henning beheaded by ISIS brute ‘Jihadi John’…, there being NO mention of his political affiliations whatsoever in the article. I believe there is grounds for libel there and possibly glorification of terrorism in the comments.

    Lee Rigby got beheaded by Islamic extremists and the EDL went berserk, saying he was a slain hero. Alan Henning gets beheaded by Islamic extremists and the EDL say HE was an extremist and brought it on himself. Both men risked their lives doing their respective jobs in the Middle East. The difference? Presumably it comes down to Lee Rigby being a soldier and fighting Muslims, and Alan Henning being an aid worker and helping Muslims. Because in the English Defence League’s fucked up universe Muslims are all evil, so killing them is good and doing charitable work with them is bad.
    Seeing as they’ve decided to trash Mr. Henning simply because he was helping people they have a psychopathic hatred of and because his murder will be trending higher than anything else in the UK tomorrow, their names will be tagged with his name on this blog.  Fuck the sick bastards.

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Where’s the money, errm, anyone? Hel Gower confirms EDL cash went missing.

Posting on the now anti-EDL (yeah) facebook page  EDL English Defence League Support Group, Tommy Robinson’s PA, and director of English Defence League Limited, Hel Gower, has confirmed that money donated by supporters, and raised by merchandise, which we were long convinced was being siphoned off, has indeed been pocketed by, well, someone.

"As for the tax issue I wouldn’t even go down that route lad. I have enough proof that I was never involved in the Finance side of EDL and that RO’s always have been the ones in charge of it and don’t forget by RO’s that means the Committee including you in the past tense. I had one spreadsheet that I did when Tommy/Kev left EDL and closed the Paypal a/c that had been managed by RO’s and I pointed out the shortfall in money and what did the RO’s say, including yourself, drop it don’t tell anyone!!! I’ve also got the allegations from Bolton where he ‘alleged’ Dave McKenna had stolen money/merchandise and again the Committee said drop it, then there was Big J and the money that he took, shall I go on? all swept under the carpet and never revealed to the supporters of the EDL, why was that? Whilst it would be an inconvenience to me if I was investigated by HMRC I know I have enough proof of who was in charge of monies/merchandise throughout my course of time with the EDL, even now they use an RO’s bank account or did. I’m sure it would be more of an inconvenience to RO’s past and present to also be investigated after all your run by a bankrupt and benefit scroungers and all their accounts would be frozen as well whilst being investigated. Plus the person that now does merchandise and gives 50% to EDL would have to be investigated and have to prove his books are all legit so don’t give that threat out because it would really be more of a hassle to you lot then me and where are the accounts for the 50% held?" Hel Gower.

In a lengthy argument with former EDL organiser, Tony Curtis, the one thing that is clear is that money went missing. As for who the culprit was,  Hel blames the RO’s past and present, and Tony thinks it was Growler, Uncle Kev and Tommy:-

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A few questions for departed EDL leader Tommy Robinson that the media should be asking.

We have a few questions and points for Tommy Robinson, that we wish someone in the media would put to him.

"Tommy" stated in his interview with Nicky Campbell for 5Live, and on other occasions, that he headbutted Alan Mckee at their Blackburn demo for being a nazi. In actual fact he did it because McKee called him a grass.


Tommy says he has never had a problem with all Muslims. So how does he explain this? 


Tommy said the neo-nazi element of the EDL were invited back by others while he was inside. However, Tommy himself invited them back in this video he made after his release.


 ”Everyone is welcome back”
“All these little f—— Islamists are going to be out in force thinking they can take the piss, so every lad needs to be there, it’s important. As I said, I welcome everyone back, I take everyone back, there’s no hard feelings with anyone. Let’s crack on, have a united front, and take back our cities street by street.”


The whole video is worth a watch, he pulled it and released an edited version but we had already grabbed the above. 

And here’s the Northern Casuals being invited back by EDL on their facebook page.



Why when Tommy went on European jaunts, did he engage with racist groups like Bloc Identitaire?


Tommy recently made appeals for donations to pay his legal fees. Where is that money, and who owns the DEL merchandise account that the money was being paid into?


The EDL claimed to be non violent, non racist etc. Did Tommy ever condemn any of his supporters for their criminal activities? 


Does Tommy plan on working closely with Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer, despite their extreme anti Muslim stance? 

Tommy has stated:-
"I was away for 18 weeks and when I got back the movement didn’t represent what I stood for."
Here is a list of demos and actions he has attended, on behalf of this movement which doesn’t represent him, since that realisation.

Sheffield twice.
London at least twice.
Two sponsored walks

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EDL Hate Music, Love Racism and the Tactics of Intimidation.

By Janie Jones

The EDL have never shied away from using intimidation tactics. All our admins have had many, many threatening messages over the last 4 years. It seems though that the EDL have now taken this up as an official tactic. A couple of weeks ago, the EDL intimidated the owners of a pub in Ipswich into cancelling a Love Music, Hate Racism gig, organised by 16 year old kids: 


A group was set up to ensure that this would not happen again, and that the gig would go ahead. An insider in the EDL told us that the EDL had a new tactic : 


 This is just one of the messages admins of “Stand Against the EDL in Ipswich & Suffolk” received. Ginge is one of the EDL organisers in Ipswich. image

Let’s not think this was isolated, who can forget the lovely leader of the EDL stalking a random man after picking a name from a phone book. 


Now the EDL and their good friends Casuals United have obviously decided they didn’t look pathetic enough bullying kids, so have threatened to demo a disco. Yep, a disco. 


After we reported this on our fb site one of our admins received this message: 


So it would seem EDL’s new intimidation tactics are based on the fact that some random people once got one of their events cancelled, so now they are going to try and do the same to any opposition. They are clever guys. 
  While it is easy to laugh at the EDL it has to be remembered that members of one of their offshoot groups were recently jailed for attacking anti racists. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/right-wing-thugs-locked-up-after-6100974  They have been praised as heroes by many EDL members. We can also look to Greece and the Golden Dawn to see where these violent intimidation tactics can lead. We won’t be scared off and we won’t be intimidated. It is time though for the police and politicians to start taking note of these very real threats. Stand up and be counted. 

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