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EDL reject opportunity to engage with British Muslims (nowt extremist about that!)

Today the MDI (Muslim Debate Initiative) extended an invitation to the English Defence League ‘to openly debate their issues and contentions against Islam and Muslims in a live public debate at a neutral venue’.

The aims of the MDI are ‘to support, encourage and promote debate that contrasts Islam against other intellectual and political discourses for the purpose of the pursuit of truth, intellectual scrutiny with respect, and the clarifying an accurate understanding of other worldviews amongst people of different cultures, beliefs and political persuasions’. And do you know how EDL responded?

“Thanks, but no Thanks”.

Unbelievable. A group of Muslim representatives offer to discuss a rising conflict between small groups of two culturally different sections of society. They suggest a respectful, open, informative starting place to ease violence and tension and a man on bail for head butting one of his own says NUH. It’s embarrassing to be honest. I want to get in touch with these guys and apologise on Tommy Robinsons behalf. I cant believe they feel they have to intellectually lower themselves to deal with these vegetables, the fact that they are prepared to, speaks volumes about our Muslim communities integrity and pride, pride to be both Muslim and British.

“Debate my fist you cousinfuckin bacondodging inbred camilpissdrinking koranimal fucks - An EDL supporter reacts to the suggestion on the EDL official facebook page.

Thanks but no thanks? WTF? To not even contemplate open and willing dialogue with a group you claim to be in conflict with screams FEAR. Why would the EDL refuse to engage in such a genuine opportunity? What have they got to lose? Ahhhh…

If Islam is as evil, barbaric, incestuous, oppressive, sordid, deceitful, animalistic and aggressive as the English Defence League suggest what better opportunity do they have to engage with their ‘enemy’ and prove their patter? I wouldn’t suggest for a moment that for two years the EDL leadership have been allowing their members to believe in the outragous sale of Halal pork, a requirement made by the Koran that Muslim men should sexually gratify themselves using the thighs of small babies and other such baseless poison. Nor would I suggest these fabrications would be very publicly blown out of the water by informed debate…. The extent of ignorance facilitated within the EDL is vitally important to preserve anger and fear.

Barry Hicks Scott

Perhaps they rejected the invitation because they don’t have an articulate representative to send? I know Tommy whacks out statements using the word ‘repudiate’ but (secret) he doesn’t know what his own statements mean, he definitely doesnt write them and even if they sent the person that does? They haven’t read the Koran either. WHO in the EDL has? Hands up! Guramit claimed to have read extracts carefully selected and translated by an Israeli mate but despite being EDL FOR LIFE and NO SURRENDER he quit cos his Nan’s ill. (that’s not even a joke). The only vaugely articulate EDL representative they had would have been useless in debate anyway, how can you present your case the EDL is not racist when you are documented as referring to British Muslims as ‘Paki Cunts’. It’s the inconvenient truth that not one EDL figure who has dedicated their lives to opposing Islam knows a single thing about it and it is almost certainly the reason why they refuse to enter in to discussion.

Most of the responses to the Leaderships decision challenged it, they welcomed the opportunity to ‘show them Muslims’ or engage with the issues and recognised the crap impression it would give but perhaps they aren’t as aware exactly how weak a bulk of the EDL’s information, arguments and ‘facts’ are..

Those who supported the decision?

“Don’t give them an inch, they’ll take a mile……I agree with you 100% Nothing they have to say matters.

“why would you care to debate the devil? nothing they do can be trusted…nothing they say will be truth. why waste time arguing with idiots; they never shut up!!
even IF you did go, you already know it will be turned around on YOU. who knows what they have up thier sleeves. TELL EM TO BACK TO HELL!!!

“theirs nothing to talk about, close and demolish muslim terror mtraining mosques, and start deprtation

“I do not think a debate will solve anything as I do not agree with anything them dirty scum say.

“no surrender to this vermin infestation

“arrange it but dont turn up and nuke the venue.

“the only olive branch to offer is with a box of firelighters and burn their temples of evil down

“No point talking to muslims. They always lie.

“The EDL should hold a competition the prize is the opportunity to tell these mugs to go fuck themselves

“don’t trust / or be taken in by the fuckers …… evil scumbags …. !

“No surrender EVER…… it does exactly what it says on the tin


The fact that the English Defence League is not for a moment prepared to talk and listen to our Muslim population is worrying. Groups who will not engage, will not listen and will not debate are fanatical and dangerous. They are not motivated to create a better society for all but a more palatable one for themselves. If there is no possibility of British Muslims being afforded the opportunity to peacefully defend their beliefs from the systematic attacks increasingly carried out by EDL supporters, the EDL should be proscribed as an extremist group. The EDL feel this offer shows British Muslims are running scared. Firstly how would that be a good thing? and secondly who’s running scared? Really….

Today they have shown themselves to be nothing but fearful fundamentalist. Or as an EDL supporter reflects “….but this is a wasted oppurtunity!…it would have been good if it went ahead, atleast you can talk and come to some kind of solution. What a waste tommy!

Darcy Jones with thanks to the CEO Barry Hicks Scott x

About the MDI: http://muslimdebateinitiative.wordpress.com/about/

MDI Invitation to EDL: http://muslimdebateinitiative.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/press-release-members-of-uk-muslim-community-extend-invitation-to-the-english-defence-league-edl-to-hold-an-open-debate/

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