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EDL support our troops, kind of £££

By Janie Jones.

How cool, the EDL are selling wristbands in support of our troops, finally making a positive contribution to our society. After all that has been said at least that’s one cause they won’t attempt to hijack.


Oh, the money goes to the EDL? Are you sure?


Yep, once again making money from exploiting someone else’s tragedies. The EDL are oportunistic bastards who will use absolutely anything.

You know the poppies that those fucktards burned and the EDL were so disgusted about? Yeah, remember those? Jeff Marsh thought it was treason for the poppy burners to disrespect them but for the EDL to make money of it was all fine.


So illegal Jeff had to shut that money spinner down.


Don’t burn the poppy just profit from it. The small percentage they did claim would go to the Royal British Legion went in a collection tin ‘down Morrisons’ according to Marsh…. ORLY?

Charlene Downes? Surely not a child’s tradegy, that can’t be used in this way? Think again.

Badges are currently on sale with 50p of the profits going towards a children’s charity. They don’t know which one yet….. no I bet the don’t…

Come on EDL supporters. For fuck sake. WAKE UP.

The EDL want your money and they don’t give a shit who they use to get it.

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