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FACEBOOK refuse to host EDL racism and hatred any longer

After two years and literally thousands of posts supporting racial and religious hatred, the English Defence League official fan page has finally been removed by Facebook for breaking it’s terms & conditions. On St Georges Day.

The page which lent legitimacy to the defence leagues belief it had 80,000 supporters, was a cornerstone of their PR campaign. Curiously while Tommy Robinson would quote the large membership to support his claims of popularity, he would regularly refuse to accept responsibility for vicious, sick and criminal posts hosted by the page by himself and his administrators.

The EDL have been systematically using a mass report loop hole in FACEBOOK systems for months to silence opposition so excuse me for literally pissing myself laughing at this blow. When I’ve finished and unpacked from my trip I’ll showcase the best bits from the EDL fan page. The blatant lies published by leadership, the public squabbles, the blind hatred and the criminality. I won’t be asking why it got shut down I’ll be asking how the fuck it remained live for so long.

Darcy Jones.

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