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The EDL Support Group currently has vacancies in our Editorial/Research teams and also our Visual team.

This is not a job vacancy, I repeat, no one but Tommy gets paid for this shit

 This is your chance to make a unique contribution to our movement, and to help ensure that our message reaches as many people as possible.

Not the ‘burn a poppy n we’ll burn a mosque’ message, Or the ‘Allah is a PEEEEDO’ message, the other one, about Muslims Islam being shite.

We are always looking to engage with all kinds of people, so it really doesn’t matter who you are - any and every background is welcome. We need different perspectives to help ensure that we develop as many possible new ideas, and that we are in a position to best represent the views of our supporters.

We like blacks n Jews mucho cos we is NOT racist and Muslims are cool too, I mean we don’t believe there is such a thing a ‘moderate Muslim’ and if you are a Muslim who eats, prays, reads the Koran, wears clothes, go to a faith school or worships Allah erm, that could be a problem. Fuck it apply any way, we’ll LOL.

 You don’t need any specific experience, and because we appreciate that every one of our team members is a volunteer, we don’t demand any particular level of commitment - just whatever you can do!

This is not a job vacancy, I repeat, no one but Tommy gets paid for this shit. And let’s face it who (apart from the BNP) have any previous experience in the organised persecution of minority groups since 1929? We are all a happy family learning to spell the word ‘article’ as we write them and working out how not get arrested for inciting racial hatred

 All we ask is that you have regular access to the internet and a willingness to work as a team.

While we are an equal opportunity organization, If you are anticipating a custodial sentence in the next few months this may curtail your ability to contribute online, If you are currently on a Discretionary Conditional Release this could be the opportunity of a lifetime, Tag friendly!  Team work is imperative so all we ask is a willingness to bend right over for Roberta Moore.

Here’s a little more information on our Editorial and Research teams:

We are a soldiers wife in Germany and a very bitter bint.


The Editorial Team prepares all of the content for our website. They can also be called upon to help with press releases and announcements, as well as answering queries from the general public.

For example when our glorious leader Tommy had a new addition to his family we were responsible for informing a few hundred drunk ex convicts on FACEBOOK the choice of name was of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE. It was aces. If you join us you too could be part of living this dream and writing in the style of a menopausal woman who’s just necked a bottle of crofts original and smoked a Mills and Boon book.

General queries can include responding to messages of support like: “NFSE Burn the cunts out of their mosques GSTQ” to “I’m not paying to use the forum, WTF? who gets the money?” or, alternatively  “why was I banned from the forum for suggesting we shove a pound of bacon up an Imam’s ass? I thought the EDL was about freedom of speech”. As you can appreciate, it’s a challenging yet rewarding job!

The Editorial team receive guidance from the EDL Leadership Team, but are also expected to be inventive and to create original material.

Do as your fucking told but accept the EDL leadership get caught lying their freaking asses off so spectacularly you have to be able to think on your feet in this role. Cover Tommy when he goes on a coke fuel rant yes but if you drop him further in the shit by pleading guilty to possessing graphic images of small children prepare to go under ground or assist in deleting previous press releases from the interweb.  

We are looking for team members who can represent the EDL’s views in an accurate and engaging manner. Perfect spelling and grammar is not a necessity, as we work as a team wherever possible. That said, if you’re the sort of person who is easily angered by a misplaced comma, then I’m sure we could find a use for you too!

We are looking for a team member who can work out what the EDL’s views are, remember what we said they were yesterday, forget what we said last week, reconcile and express in coherent sentences what we said this time last year and adapt rapidly to what we might come out with next month. We don’t use terms like ‘muzzrat’, ‘fucking raghead’ or ‘paki scum’ on our websites and if you chose to do so  on your FACEBOOK profile, (lets be honest, we all do) check your security settings so as not to embarrass our organisation. Whilst WE know what you mean, nosy commies take these terms out of context to discredit us.

We recently stopped writing artacles and started writing articles so be assured we’s a right professional looking outfit now.

Membership of the Editorial Team does not simply mean that we will publish your articles, as a lot of time and effort is spent ensuring that the content we produce contains a clear and consistent message. Part of working with the Editorial Team involves ensuring that you understand our objectives, and being willing to adapt your own work (and that of others’) to better achieve our goals.

“a lot of time and effort is spent ensuring that the content we produce contains a clear and consistent message”  Darcy, stop laughing, this isn’t FUCKING FUNNY. If we like your stuff we’ll use it but if it catches us out on a massive whopper of a lie we’ll change it. You aren’t expected to know what we lie our asses off about in the national press on a regular basis but some one round here does. Some where. What happened to Steve Simmons any way?

If you believe that you can help us reach more people, then Editorial may be for you.

Now we are charging our supporters to ‘exclusive online access’ to EDL leadership we need more suckers.


 The Research Team assists the EDL Leadership Team in obtaining and verifying information ahead of demonstrations and in support of media appearances. They also assist the Editorial Team when called upon, and help to ensure that everyone is up to date with the latest news stories.

Check Guramit hasn’t written ‘I hate fucking paki’s’ any where or got wrecked on Charlie and told a reporter from the NOTW something similar, make sure the guy talking at an upcoming demo about immigration hasn’t be done for people trafficking, Inform Alex singer ASAP the Muslim who drove into a crowd of EDL supporters at a demo was actually a Rastafarian caught up in a near riot trying to get back from IKEA. That sort of shizzle.

Up on the news? Spend a lot of your time posting links on the forum? Research may be for you.

Did an Asian looking man (that’s Media speak for Muslim btw) shoplift a WHAM bar from WH Smiths? Let us know!!!!!  Did a white man orchestrate a pedophile ring on the internet to access nurseries? Yeah, uh let us know an all but, well. yeah sure but… one of the team will maybe have a skim.

Of course, if you’re particularly keen then there’s nothing stopping you from being a part of both teams, or at least applying for both.

We are DESPERATE. Every member of the support group has so far been discredited as a Neo Nazi sympathiser, illiterate, a freaking lunatic or a total psychopath, we need clean slates!


The visual team attend Demonstrations and film events, youtube videos etc. and also create all the EDL’s graphics; you would require the following knowledge

 Adobe PhotoShop and/or CorelDraw plus video making skills

Our press coverage is fucking shocking so we make our own.

 You must be able to confidently create leaflets, logos etc.

Without getting us arrested for inciting racial and religious hatred. Or using images of  Mosques and super soakers filled with pigs blood.

We will have to ask you a few questions (for security reasons, and to make sure that you’d suit the team), but we appreciate that some people may wish to maintain their anonymity. This is certainly not a problem, and we do find that people who are not able to attend demonstrations can help play their part by assisting the EDL as part of the Support Group.

Are you or have you ever been a commie?

Are you of Caucaisan/African/Jewish/not Asian decent?

Do you have a criminal record?

Are you Old Bill or MI5?

Are you Catholic?

As we are actively involved in demonising and terrorising members of our own society we appreciate that some people may wish to maintain their anonymity. I mean, one day you might want to apply for a real job or foster children or just deny involvement in the EDL in the surefire eventuality  an Asian school boy gets beaten to death by a division out on the piss, or a full Mosque gets raised to the ground.

 So, if you’re passionate our cause, and feel you have something to contribute, please contact editorial@englishdefenceleague.org with a short bit about yourself and which team you would like to join.

So If you just hate those Muslim extremist bastards to fuck and back, dont pose with twelve bore shotguns on your facebook profile pic and can string a sentence together get in touch!


Ty Janie J Jones

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