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The EDL has closer links to terrorism than 99.999% of British Muslims

Roberta Moore and the EDL

By Janie Jones

…“Surely not,” I hear you cry, “the EDL hate terrorists, they tell us so all the time. Tommy said so on telly so it must be true.” Think again dear reader. An ominous announcement from the EDL’s resident nutter this morning served two purposes, proving that she is still seen as leadership by the EDL hierarchy and sending shivers down the spines of all Roberta watchers.
The question is, will she finally make the EDL the extremist terrorists that she longs for them to be?


Posted today

She will, of course, deny, often with threats, that she is a terrorist or terrorist


However, the evidence suggests otherwise.

Roberta is one of the administrators on the EDL Jewish Division (EDLJD) FACEBOOK page. The hatred of all Muslims espoused on this page is horrific. They regularly
dehumanise, call for violence, and use vile racist language against “their enemy” There is no pretence within the EDLJD that they are only against “extremist” Muslims.
Posting of poppy burners address: http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/357/6730565145.jpg


 referring to Muslims as “inferior”


Not nice, especially from someone who claims to be for women’s rights:



So, why do the EDL continue to align themselves with this woman and her extremist followers? Are they scared of her? Following her recent decision to link the EDL with known terrorists the EDL sent a strongly worded statement saying that they were not involved with the JDL:


Roberta, who’s baby this was, was not a happy lady

So why have the EDL backed down? Why is Roberta so important to the cause that they put up with her nasty terrorist
sympathising, racist bullying ways? Is it as simple as the fact that they need the EDLJD? Where would Tommy be if he couldn’t say, on whichever interview he is currently rambling shite on. “we can’t be racist, we have a Jewish division.”
EDL, we call on you to take a proper stand against terrorism, show that you cannot be bullied and beaten, kick out Roberta Moore and show that the EDL is not racist, not violent and definitely not terrorists.

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Thanks to: Acker Bilk, Linda Luvfunky Williams, Andrew Preview & Ed Woods x

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