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Recently we exposed a committed English Defence League supporter as a man also dedicated to a loyalist terrorist group, violent intentions towards British Muslims, a fan of guns, Neo Nazi symbolism and well up for issuing online threats of violence. It was a pretty standard English Defence League bingo full house. Coincidentally on the same day I noticed some pretty heavy patronage of a forces ‘charity’ called Troops Relief on the EDL official fan page.

When ever I see the EDL punt a forces charity there is usually a depressingly familiar background to it. From the forces retreat run by a couple charged with racial hatred towards a Muslim guest, to a forces homeless charity investigated for being run by an ex BNP candidate, using BNP owned premises as a BNP front and promoted heavily on BNP web sites. When it comes to charities the EDL never run with the main stream and there is always an angle.

I wasn’t particularly surprised to discover Troops Relief was run by Jo Cleary. I was a bit surprised to see her pop up on Andrew Dymock’s (Andi Qpr Authentique) FACEBOOK profile thread while he raged about the injustice of being exposed as a racist, violent extremist.  What a bizarre friend for a charity guru to have? Yeah well, in Jo Cleary’s case, not really.

As the thread continues it is suggested “Lets go and fuck em over. Up the downs, strip em, douse em with petrol then dance around them playing with matches. I’m up for it mate”. At this point Jo was naturally horrified at her participation and promptly removed Andi from her friends list.

Told the poster threatening to find people and set them on fire was very illegal and depraved

Removed herself from the thread.


The full thread for Dodge who missed the irony in crossing out Jo’s reactions. They were what she SHOULD have said ;o) she didn’t


Jo Clearly has form for ‘unfortunate associations’ ones which firmly and consistently cement her fate to the extreme right. But, she isn’t a member of the BNP. She can’t be, she’s actually effective at promoting their aims, albeit dishonestly. We need to move forward from the fact her FACEBOOK friends lists holds literally hundreds of vocal BNP and EDL supporters because Jo has NO connections to them.

When we first came across her she was running the super FACEBOOK group intent on preventing a small group of Islamic fundamentalists from staging protests at Wotton Bassett. While I whole heartedly agree with the sentiments of the group I was completely gutted by the perpetual wave of anti Muslim and racist content that flooded her group wall. I was pretty ashamed to be associated with her contributors by nationality, the short lived phenomena wasn’t Britain’s proudest moment. In an interview with Sky news she too accepts the extent of racist contributions was overwhelming and pays tribute to her group administrators at the time.


The first comment on this YouTube video being indicative of a collective moral abandonment which followed Jo’s project throughout.

A wonderful team of admins who I thank dearly have sat up all night long to get rid of the racist and inappropriate comments that are obviously posted but with 500 a minute going up it’s impossible…. We are not an anti Muslim group, far from it, I want the Muslim community to stand side by side with us and condemn this minority group.”

 A very reasonable argument but blown out of the water as she failed to admit to her interviewer that she knowingly had one of the most prolific online distributors of racist and anti Islamic material as part of her admin team. She was made fully aware of his BNP activism, membership and online activities which were undisputable and extensively documented by us. She stood by him. She also had the full backing of another British National party activist and is revealed as admitting to the group being down to their hard work. Jo merely a public spokesperson. And Jo loves being a public figure, mucho.

 Here are some screen shots illustrating the political affiliations and overt racism of Jo Clearys friend and co administrator of her Wotton Basset group, Dennis Raines


 Combat 18, whooooops.


Other images of Muslim heads blown right off bodies and comedy images of ‘muzzie pornography’ uploaded to the internet by Dennis Raines pre Wotton Bassett I wouldn’t have on my hard drive.

And the man who inspired Jo to set up the group in the first place was at this time a Lifetime BNP member. Snapped with both Nick Griffin and Jo Cleary. He has since cut all associations with the British National Party and Jo but is still an antisemitic, islamophobic ass hole


'This bloke has made history in a small victorious way for his group I front' - Soooooo sweet

the other side of mike:

For further reading: http://www.1millionunited.org/news/exclusive/

Are you sitting comfortably? Because the Jo Cleary BNP connections she finds so laughable go on and on and on….

After an arrogant attempt to change the campaign to one demanding Wotton Bassett high street was renamed to an inappropriate Americanism (and booed right her own group wall for it)  Jo semi retired from her service of providing free media promotion for Anjem Choudary and the British National Party. Resorting to occasionally barking in the press about unproven accusations of death threats from anti fascist groups and daring anyone to associate her with the holocaust denying BNP, she decided it a wise move to lay that whole mess to bed by teaming up with the BNP AGAIN to promote a forces campaign to send birthday cards to a serving soldier in Afghanistan. Her group which used a database provided by BNP web designer Simon Bennett was slammed in the Times by the Ministry of Defence: “Military officials accused the BNP of a lack of transparency, claiming that a vulnerable soldier was being unfairly linked with the party. Sir Richard Dannatt, the former head of the Army, said: “It is entirely shameful that wounded soldiers are used for political purposes”……..a group of former military generals warned that the reputation of the Armed Services was “being tarnished by political extremists who are attempting to appropriate it for their own dubious ends”. Jo Cleary claims that “…… Simon Bennett, the BNP’s web strategist, offered to use a mailing list to send out an e-mail appeal to tens of thousands of people without revealing his political affiliations.”

What a little liar. If you know any thing about Simon Bennett you know he is not secretive about his political leanings. He, as did many, many other BNP supporters on Jo Cleary’s FACEBOOK friends list all used BNP logos across their profiles and as their profile pictures during the election run up and let’s be honest, If some one offers you a mailing list to access tens of thousands of people would you not quickly Google them? Particularly after just coming out of the other end of wide spread accusations of being a trolly dolly for the BNP. Google Simon Bennett. He was the BNP’s web designer and PUBLICIST, he’s not fucking hard to find. Or follow this link for further reaction from senior politicians and military figures to Jo Cleary’s BNP farce campaign. My favorite being:

Simon Weston, a former veteran of the Falklands War, has said that he “deplored the subterfuge and underhand politics” of the email [promoting Jo Clearys campaign] and the BNP. Mr Weston said that he had no problem with people wanting to send birthday cards to veterans so long as they were “open and honest” but he said it should not be used as a “political ploy”, as with this campaign. He then added that these sorts of shadowy tactics and the BNP’s attempts to play on the “insecurities of ordinary people” was “anti-British”.


Go Jo! Innocently hijacked by the BNP twice! What are the odds…. So let’s see. After that episode there were literally shit loads of forces campaigns started all over the internet by team Jo Jo, generally with an anti Islamic leaning. They didn’t like the idea of Mosques being built near Sandhurt. Nothing personal of course just security ya know. Is she aware there are over 600 Muslims serving in our armed forces right now? Possibly more of a security risk than a mosque near a barracks, in the mind of an islamophobe any way. That campaign was flooded with anti Muslim rhetoric too as was one demanding respect for our forces and their families.

Lets see, cosy chat with well known BNP activist Lisa Brown and pig obsessive EDL insider Anthony Bamford. He holds personal pictures of those who oppose the EDL for ‘identification reasons’. freak.



I have a problem with one of those links posted Jo and if your parnership with the Royal British Legion is geniune so will they.

A groups demanding a soldiers wife offering to be a surrogate for Osama Bin Laden’s son be hung drawn and quartered was a Jo Jo classic, drawing in people who felt the woman was a “FUCKING SICK BITCH. SHE NEEDS TO BE PUT DOWN LIKE A RABBID DOG. IT’S A TOTAL INSULT TO ALL THE SOLDIERS AND THEIR WIVES FIGHTING…..” blah blah blah…..

This seemed to be a turning point where team Jo Jo bounced from one hot topic to another. they seemed unable to keep up with their commitments and it all went well, plain wrong and has continued to do so.

Yet another ‘create and run’ project for team Jo Jo was an online campaign to support Marine Mark Leader disciplined for assaulting an Afghan prisoner. Initially they promoted the cause vigorously promising to collect thousands of signatures with an assurance from Jo Cleary she would personally deliver the petition to Downing Street. Hurrah! The reality being she initially spend some time on the group with a member of the EDL media department attacking a female soldier involved in the incident about her sexuality, did a few emotive press interviews and once members had achieved over 20,000 signatures she  promptly dumped it. Exhaustive searches find no sign of Jo’s further involvement past last summer while a handful of dedicated activists (not on the admin list) continue to fight for justice for Sergeant Leader. The Lance Corporal who suffered the homophobic attack by Jo Cleary and Donna Mortimer was never at any point under investigation as her conduct was not under question, just her sex life it seems. So, quick character assassination and run then?  Jo did not hand deliver the petition to Downing Street and has not checked on her project in months. Once something is out of the public eye, team Jo Jo rapidly loose interest. Are you picking up on the English Defence League profiles littering these Jo Jo conversations?


Jo’s troops Relief organisation are currently working with the Samaritans….

The use of the FACEBOOK group to launch an online attack on the female RMP’s sexuality by Jo Cleary is a rare insight into a less than angelic woman. Their analysis of her ability to carry out her duties is backed by no evidential basis or knowledge and their homophobic comments are vicious, deeply inappropriate and irrelevant to the groups aims of achieving justice for their cause.

 Jo’s co conspirator is EDL ‘angel’ Donna Mortimer and is helping to promote Troops relief dogs toys appeal to the English Defence League she is known for admitting to wishing to revert to violence at Edl demonstrations (police presence being an inconvenience to her) and for suggesting that who ever grassed up an almost pschopathic EDL member to the police should have their ‘tongue cut out’. Jo Cleary and Donna Mortimer not being a winning combination. Jo Cleary does appear to like to flirt with controversy while not having the integrity to ever publicly standing alongside them and their aims.


Team Jo Jo’s non profit organisation has helpfully taken the causes close to the BNP and the EDL to its bosom. Soldier’s Off The Streets was recently covered by us when the EDL fund raised for it at one of their violent demonstration in Luton. The charity set up by a BNP activist, initially run from BNP premises and investigated for it’s political allegiances it is currently under pressure from other local charities in regards to it’s fund raising methods. It’s not popular with the Independent Kings Regimental Association:

Tony Canavan, vice-chairman of IKRA, said that SOTS’s attempt to associate itself with a bona fide veterans group like IKRA was “total twaddle”. He added:

“We are completely independent, non-political organisation. For the record, the Independent Kings Regimental Association has no association either with Soldiers off the Street or the British National Party.”

A recent article in the observer challenged the integrity of the charity and reported a somewhat veiled threat made by the founder Bill murray: “"I will just say ‘fuck it’ and close it down. And then all the lads on the street can suffer and I’ll name everybody that made us close it down. Anybody that stops it will be attacked for it and it won’t be nothing to do with us.” And what would make him say some thing so strange? He is associating with people who would readily resort to violence? perhaps one of his patrons, Dee Edwards (Troops relief gal) should reconcider her relationship with the charity…

I mean, she recieved her MBE for her work to tackle knife and gun crime. What charity do you know suggests violent retribution to it’s challengers? yeh none.

Image taken from the SOTS patrons page. http://www.soldiersoffthestreet.com/Patrons.html


 One of the EDL ‘Angels’ charged with collecting for the charity so close to Troops Relief heart was exposed as being high on class A drugs at the time and was reported to the police for chanting “burn a Poppy and we’ll burn a Mosque” in a pub after the demonstrations. There have also been concerns expressed by the EDL West Yorkshire division she may not have given in all the funds raised…


I assume Troops Relief is a non profit organisation run by Jo Cleary to attempt to tie her multitude of projects together in one neat manageable self publicity bonanza. I have looked at it from many different angles, even sideways and it doesn’t appear to do very much…. It’s not very forthcoming about figures it raises from donations (even ballpark) and it doesn’t fill you with heart warming stories of the projects for forces communities that have been achieved with any money raised. It hopes to have celebrity endorsements, It doesn’t and it isn’t endorsed by any groups within the armed forces. While it boasts supported links with established registered charities, you won’t find any reciprocation on their partner’s web sites. I support the work of Nelson Mandela, it doesn’t mean he’s ever heard of me. Its kinda sneaky wording….  Right now I’m concerned about this non profit organisaton, it deserves some more attention. Attention I plan to give it. I strongly feel that if you wish to support our armed forces through charities there are only two ways of doing this. Either through a small campaign you are very familiar with (i.e. a foundation for a particular service man) or a large, established registered charity. After a just a few days of asking around people who had decided to no longer be involved with Troops relief I encountered the following personal opinions of its founder:


Sssshhhhh Sue Sharp is one of Jo Cleary’s alter ego’s on facebook


Views expressed below are those of former friends and associates of Jo Cleary and troops relief:

“Spoilt stuck up RSM’s daughter with illusions of grandure and pure evil is how I would describe her.”

“I really do think she has no compassion for anyone. She literally didnt care how much she hurt that mum, and she said as much. X”

"A lot of people are scared of Jo. I’m not now, but I was when I was within her group. I saw how vicious she could be if someone disagreed with her, and I was scared of what she’d do to me if I ever pulled out. Well, she tried her best and other than costing me a few friends, she couldn’t harm me at all. She preys on the vulnerable, the bereaved, those with PTSD…and she thinks she’s invincible. I do dislike her intensely, but my main wish with her is that people see her for what she is so that she can’t keep hurting innocent people….who all believe that they’re doing good by their association with her.”

  • “I can tell you something, my mate was killed last year in Afgan, and she contacted his mother saying she knew how she felt, thing is jo cleary has never lost a son, nice eh?”
  •  “Perhaps she meant ‘I know how you feel’ as in ‘I have lost someone close’?”
  • “nope she told my mates mam, she lost her son in afgan also because she is anything but human”

 “No one will be surprised, she is a gold digging bitch. All she wants is media attention and attention from anyone that is stupid enough to give it to her, she is a car crash waiting to happen.”

“Jo cleary is a stupid snide self centered bitch ! ‘cares about troops’ my arse. all she wants is her name in the limelight and attention flowing her way, ‘FB keeps bootin her off’ yea cause it dont accept racist lowlifes.”

I would suggest something is going very, very wrong here. It’s natural to have fall outs in life and certainly not every one can work with you but when you are making this kind of impact, not with one person but a diverse range of individuals you have come in to contact with, it’s time to sit down and reassess your people skills. 

 Jo Cleary and her small group of associates may have been able to write off challenges in the past by me as a ‘smear campaign,’ a group of trolls, unwashed Commies, sad losers, terrorist sympathisers, soldier haters (the list goes on and has no basis) but as she moves through groups of people encountering similar reactions to mine the excuses start to wear a bit thin. Try portraying forces families as ‘soldier haters’, it’s not going to wash. And you know what. It’s lazy and transparent. I have issues with the work of Jo Cleary. Mainly her integrity, her lack of transparency, her behaviour and her warm friendships with men like Andrew Dymock who have guns and threaten to hunt down Muslims. No one has to respect Jo Cleary to respect our troops. The two are not mutually exclusive.

A theme I have heard over the last few weeks again and again and again and again from people I have no reason to have come across before is now depressingly familiar. Once you challenge something Jo Cleary does, she organises a tight group against you, adopts attack mode, cries persecution and victim status and then sends you to Coventry, while you are left to try and pick up your reputation, your family and in some instances, your business from round your ankles. Eventually people are going to pick up on this reoccurring theme Ms Cleary and think, maybe it’s not ‘them’  - maybe it’s you!

Darcy Jones.

Many thanks to Exposers far and wide, ex associates of Troops Relief, 1 Million against the BNP.

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Troops relief fan page


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jo jo on a douse em with petrol thread


Jo Jo is a legend


24 hr protection for cleary Jo 



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