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Lies damn lies and EDL hatred.

Yesterday heard the bell tolling for the EDL. At a London demo that had been heralded as the “big one” only 80 people showed up. The build up to this had been massive, the return to Walthamstow had been advertised for weeks, everyone was going. And just a week after the arrests of 53 of their members and the imprisonment of their leader, surely this was the time to show everyone that the EDL meant business. A couple of days before the demo the EDL had been banned from Walthamstow, this followed threats to riot and promises of violence. But the police allowed them to take it to Westminster, the heart of British politics. Seems though that the EDL “faithful” were only interested in a fight, with no chance of confrontation they stayed away.  

When it was obvious what a humiliation the EDL faced their pr spin machine went into hyperdrive, presumably to try and encourage last minute arrivals and to spur on those that had bothered turning up into making some noise 

http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/701/0744843740.png  this thread from the edl’s main fb wall quickly descended into violence and hate. 
   There is no doubt that yesterday was a failure, even the official edl only claimed 200 people turned up and that they were being attacked by those nasty lefties.

While all this was going on a celebration was happening in Walthamstow with hundreds of people taking to the street to party. Again, the EDL find it difficult to tell the truth about this, with British Freedoms Michael Wood making silly claims.

The EDL failed yesterday their “people” have deserted them, their leader is in prison facing a possible very long sentence, the splits are getting bigger and wider and the EDL try to lie their way out of it. This time, it just isn’t going to work.

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