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The EDL take 24 hours to come up with lies and contradictions about arrests.

Almost 24 hours following the arrest of 53 of the EDL’s most prominant members, including “leaders” Steven Lennon and PCC candidate Kevin Carroll, the EDL’s main Facebook page and Tommy’s “right hand” Hel Gower have come out with differing accounts. Hel’s claims Tom Tom and friends were simply on a lads day out. EDL say they were, even more implausibly, on a photo shoot. Given that at least 3 anti groups were given info prior to the event by a number of people involved in the EDL we know these to both be untrue. 24 hours and that’s the best you can do? come on EDL you need to work harder. 
 Just been reminded of this, casuals claimed it was a static demo. http://casualsunited.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/update-on-the-53-edl-arrests/ 

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