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Was Tommy Robinson arrested 3 times in one day?

Yesterday the EDL leader and 52 other EDL high ups were arrested by police from the back of a lorry on the M1. It has now been reported that they have all been released on bail but with conditions that include not entering east London which will put next weeks demo in Walthamstow an extremely difficult event to pull off. 

   It now comes to light, from Tommy’s Twitter that he was also arrested on suspicion of assault and again for fraud over his trip to the states to speak at an anti Muslim conference. 
  Looks like the law may have finally caught up with Tommy and with a fraud and money laundering case already hanging over his head, not to mention a suspended sentence things must be looking a little bleak. Looks like Death, prison or Glory may be limited to the prison option in the very near future. 

 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-20021478 the BBC report on the arrests.
Latest update is that Tommy has been remanded. 

thanks to Juie Blackadder

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