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One of the most accessed Exposing resources we have is the EDL Criminals list, where we collate those members of the EDL who have been arrested, charged and sentenced by the CJS.


Using information garnered from the press, we don’t include just arrests as they skew the figures, so we focus only on successful prosecutions. So far we’re up to near 400 members of the EDL who have been charged and sentenced with a variety of crimes, from drug dealing, murder, paedophilia, racism, violence, vandalism amongst others, including hooliganism.

Today we feature a rarity – an EDL member who’s managed to publicise himself from inside prison.

Why is he in prison?


But not just the football hooliganism, oh no. When he was arrested and plead guilty to affray, he had been out of prison on licence for burglary and assault at the time of the incident and ended up being recalled to jail.


He’s based in HMP Ranby


And his profile features an array of photographs taken from within his cell, which he posts regularly on his Facebook profile.

So we’ve got – football hooliganism, burglary, assault, previous prison time, racism and a smuggled mobile in his cell, with which he posts pics, posts on Facebook and communicates with his mates, despite the prison ban on mobiles and internet access.

He doesn’t seem to be doing himself any favours does he?

Now as far as Exposing can tell, having a mobile in prison is considered a bit of a no no as is accessing the internet for very obvious reasons, but you never know – it might be a particularly lenient prison who rewards it’s inmates with mobile phone privileges…


Ok. Maybe not.



But that’s ok, because you can always write to your fellow crims using ‘jail mail’.  


Publish it on your Facebook profile, just don’t tell them you’ve got a mobile phone.

The Exposing Criminal list gets updated pretty much every couple of days, with a new EDL supporter. Dane is no exception.

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