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EDL Tommy Robinson considers supporting anti Muslim, racist, violent youtube ranter

“Police arrested two men yesterday for allegedly publishing a catalogue of vile and racially inflammatory material on the internet. One of the men, from Paignton, is thought to be responsible for a series of anti-Muslims videos. He was one of two men arrested by Devon and Cornwall police on suspicion of publishing racially inflammatory material at 8.30am yesterday. He and a 41-year-old unnamed male, also from Paignton, were yesterday bailed by Police until May.”


Yesterday EDL Plymouth division confirmed the man arrested is an integral part of the English Defence League and pledged her divisions support during his court case.

“Princess Angel Plymouth to Tommy Robinson

Member of Plymouth Division. Can you contact me about this please. We would like EDL to show their full support to them both.. NSxx”

“Donna Mortimer: u cannot believe people have been so sad to madd report to the OB. I hate grasses. I hope people finds out who the grasses are and cut out their tongues !!.”



Considering the sheer volume of depravity this man has been uploading to the internet in the name of the English Defence League,  I would have hoped EDL supporters would have reported him themselves rather than suggest violent retribution for who ever did. This guy has been on our radar for months, It was almost certainly us Donna.

Here are some screen shots from Tony Davis (Also known as Arthur Disbury) facebook page


And here are Tony’s you tube videos:

‎”Well hello my EDLers once again, have you ever had one of those days where you feel like putting on a suicide vest and walking into a fucking Mosque and shouting PORK CHOPS AHHHHHHHHH!”


(In regard to a Muslim bus driver refusing to allow a dog to board a bus) “Because of that fucking cunt. ….what kind of fucking animals are we dealing with here. It’s just not good enough, these bus drivers and other fucking people should be taken off these buses, and politely, taken round the corner, and fucking shot. And I’ll fucking do it! Give me the materials to do it, the fucking guns, whatever, I’ll fucking well do it…… If you’re offended over here fuck off back to bongo land!”


“Hey pops, just to let you know we Plymouth division will be there to support you all the way and EDL as a family will as well….you have backed and supported us from day one. We will stand together and fight this as one!!!!!

Love ya Popsxxxx No surrender ever!”

Link to screen shot: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=109536719123584&set=o.109490015749172&theater

 As we speak Tommy Robinson is requesting the videos  and claiming he will come and support….. Really? This guy? WOW

Watch the videos first Tommy… then make a decision. fucking idiot.

Darcy Jones

Thanks to Linda and Thelma x

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