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EDL ‘assassination’ lie uncovers violent organisation pre demo

Just days before a pivotal English Defence League demonstration in Luton, a bizarre ‘assassination attempt’ recklessly reported by leadership fuels calls for war, retribution, religious hatred and racism from supporters and divisions.

A story which started the day as a Muslim gang attack on leader Kevin Carroll involving repeated use of a fire arm against him, ended in essentially, a work of fiction. Bedfordshire police released a statement claiming that:

At 10.42 last night (Thur) we received a complaint from a man who said something had been thrown against his window.

"He ran out and said he saw a man with what appeared to be a shotgun. No shots were fired and no one was injuries.

"Police searched the area but nobody was found. Detectives are keen to speak to anyone who was in the area at the time."

With NO shots fired, NO suspect, NO weapon and no independent witnesses, today, at least, The EDL leadership has blatantly lied on their official fan pages. While blogs by 1 million and Hope not Hate have covered this wilful deceit of EDL supporters by their leaders, Expose has been documenting the reactions by EDL inner circle, divisions and supporters. The have been truly depressing for the people of Luton.



Stephen Lennon, The Leader of the English Defence league was absolutely furious at the fictional shooting as his personal facebook page illustrated: “Not gonna mince my words. it’s fucking on!” this update and it’s accompanying thread holds more warfare rhetoric than a US military document!


Loyal EDL supporter and one half of the ‘Dudley two’ Leon McCreedy, strangely reported responsibility for the shooting ‘that didn’t happen’ lay at the feet of the Muslim Defence League. His accusations on the Bedfordshire police page required no further investigation as in true EDL style it was accompanied by no evidence and no actual crime.  


Meanwhile, while Stephen Lennon had a cup of tea, a sinking feeling he was full of shit and wrote a half hearted attempt to calm supporters violent reactions to the crime that didn’t happen, his divisions declared war in Luton. Burnley Division announced reluctantly, they would have to fight ‘to keep Muslims from killing us’ while Hull and East Yorkshire division raged: “WTF you cunts, we are peaceful till provoked, that’s provoked me you cunts, It’s fucking on now.

Hull Division: http://twitpic.com/3u9ogf

Burnley Division: http://twitpic.com/3u9pdf

So while leadership, inner circle and divisions helpfully document their violent intent in Luton, their supporters literally went BATSHIT with rage. Calls for ethnic cleansing, arson, murder, enforced birth control for Muslim women, riots and unprecedented violence have literally flooded the social networking sites throughout the day. All because a documented liar, didn’t get shot at last night. For post after post after post of evidence showing the English Defence League has no intention of peacefully protesting in Luton, please visit our pictures section at: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=109490015749172&v=photos&ref=ts

I hope you can appreciate why we at Expose are genuinely concerned about this ‘organisation’. While it’s lack of integrity and professional skills may be laughable, the potential damage these clowns may cause is deadly serious for the community it plans to attack next weekend.

Darcy Jones

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