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EDL Yorkshire division fans get honest

In the run up to an English Defence League demonstration In Keighley this August checking out the official Yorkshire division fan page is a must if you want to see what kind of people are going to be visiting your town.

After recently being exposed as advocating defecating on a Koran to their followers, the EDL halfwit who insists Muslim contributors to the page ‘string a sentance together’ and who in charge of the division did some self editing of their online conduct but missed this:

Matthew, You use the word colonising and I like that word because if I had my way that is exactly what I would do. I would take all the Muslims who wanted to stay here and I would colonise them and treat them like the dirty filthy stinking bastard dogs that they are.

Slow torture, starvation and all the other things that go to making the rest of their stinking evil war mongering lives as bad as it could possibly get.” -  Tina Young


This comment left by Tina and many others on the division page are never moderated because the Yorkshire division leadership wouldn’t recognise them as being unacceptable. the reason for this being they approve of them. in light of the unlawful attitude both leadership and supporters have towards British Muslims and their willingness to use the internet to distribute this material, we believe the English Defence League should be proscribed under racial and religious hatred legislation and should not be afforded the right to demonstrate. 

Darcy Jones

Official EDL yorkshire division fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yorkshire-EDL/187065254662194

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