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Once again the #EDL align themselves with homophobia in their quest to attack Muslims.

 http://www.banneroftruth.org/pages/articles/article_print.php?462  ”In the realm of sexual ethics, homosexuality continues to be regarded as sinful and unacceptable (see Romans 1: 26-7), along with adultery and fornication (see 1 Cor. 6: 9). Heterosexual marriage remains the normal relationship for valid sexual activity. However, in accordance with the gospel of God’s grace, sexual deviance disqualifies no one for Church membership provided it is accompanied by repentance and a change of life-style. Therefore all sin - including homosexuality - may be forgiven but no unrepentant sinner has any place in the fellowship of the Church of Christ.”

Pastor Alan Clifford is the pastor of the Norwich reformed church. The EDL have involved themselves in this and announced a demo in Norwich as the pastor has been banned from handing out literature in the town centre by the council after complaints about anti islam material. His views on sexuality are quite clearly homophobic. How does this work with the EDL’s anti homophobia stance? Or is it only Muslim homophobia they have an issue with?
It would seem that once again the EDL have decided that their enemies enemy is their friend.
 http://nrchurch.limewebs.com/islam5.htm   Dear Friends,

"However unpalatable or non-pc the truth is to many people today, we need to know the facts about Islam.
While the racism of the BNP is abhorrent, Nick Griffin’s recent Newsnight remarks regarding Islam are correct: “We have a monster in our midst.”
Here is some documentary proof for this alarming statement.
The only antidote to this evil religion is the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ.
May God graciously restore its presence and influence in our country!”

http://nrchurch.limewebs.com/islam58.jpg  “the church consists of believers and their children and each congregation is led by a pastor,elders and deacons, posts which women are not allowed to hold.



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