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English Defence League war on drugs a farce.

Yesterday the English Defence League declared a war on the drug trade in the Luton area, threatening vigilante style justice against Asian gangs alegedly opperating in the Heroin trade. As covered on this blog, we found the hypocrisy incredible and the dangers of EDL leadership taking the law in to their own inept hands great.

Here is an official EDL divisional stance on drug use amongst their members in regard to demonstrations:

“If u have the urge to feed your body on drugs then please take your quota before you set out of your house to catch the coach.”  - EDL Dudley Division


Proud EDL ‘patriots’ one their way to a demo to protect British values.The English Defence League are the biggest farce to hit the whole of the  interweb.

Our concerns about a man with class A drug convictions leading up a war on drugs can be found here:


Darcy Jones with thanks to 1 Million united against the BNP


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