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The EDL, Tommy Robinson and the Christian homophobes.

By Janie Jones

Tommy has made himself clear on this one over and over Islam is homophobic, that’s one of the reasons he hates Muslims, oh, not Muslims just all Islam or something. Religious homophobes is something that Tommy hates. He said so, must be true. Imagine my surprise then when up he popped in an interview with Christian Action Network. http://www.mrctv.org/videos/tommy-robinson-interviewed-christian-action-network-march-9-2012     A brief google of this organisation tells you a lot  “(Christian Action Network) a virulently homophobic and Christian supremacist organization”   http://www.secularism.org.uk/christian-homophobes-are-spreadi.html  


So Tommy is throwing his lot in with Far right Christian homophobes. It won’t be the first time, who remember Terry Jones being invited to speak at an EDL demo? http://politicalscrapbook.net/2010/12/edl-terry-jones-visit/ Until the press pointed out who exactly the EDL were dealing with and Tommy and his “staff” shat themselves and ran away. Having been in the shit before for his associations you would imagine that Tommy and his team of advisors (Hel, his PA) would put a couple of minutes into doing a quick google search. When  you add this to the forthcoming embracing of neo Nazis at Arhuus either Tommy is choosing to go hardline, fuck what the LGBT division and the half a dozen black members think, or he is really so stupid that he thinks these people just want to be his friend. 

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