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Ragnarok for the EDL?

By Ed Woods

Today is supposed to be the Vikings’ Ragnarök, the end of the world, so let’s reflect on how the British far-Right’s world is going. Err, ahem. 

The EDL despite “growing stronger every day” is struggling to get more than 100 turn up to its events. Last May they had 1500 turn out in both Newcastle and London, and even even you take their ridiculously inflated estimate of “7,500”, that’s still massively bigger than the 150, sorry, “600” that turned up for their national demo in Slough. 

The various splinter groups are so tiny they have no impact on anything and apparently the ones who wanted to unite the Right were fighting the ones who didn’t!

32 EDL supporters are doing between 12 months and 45 months in prison because of the violence at Walsall. 

Tommy Robinson is doing a 18 month stretch for fraud having abandoned the EDL. Helen Gower says he now needs £7000, but no-one is listening any more.

The EDL’s remaining ROs apparently elected Tim Ablitt as some sort of caretaker leader. But other than turning up at Exeter and giving a speech that it seems was never recorded for posterity, his main claim to fame remains being arrested by counter-terrorism police. He remains as obscure as he ever was in EDL circles.

Nick Griffin and the BNP are bankrupt, with their supporters flocking to UKIP.

Joshua Bonehill is possibly facing prison for malicious communications and the dolly birds of Casuals Utd. have had their real identities exposed, opening up the possibility of legal action for all their malicious communications. Oh noes, now where will the EDL get their daily dose of hate from? 

All-in-all the only point in turning up to a counter-demo these days is to see if Dave Bolton and Glen Saffer have yet again wasted another Saturday afternoon.
 EDL today in Grantham.

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Lest We Forget

We have reached that sad time of year again and recent events serve to remind us of the hypocritical double standards of the far-Right. I refer specifically to the conviction of the person who desecrated two war memorials in London. On 26th May and June the 5th graffiti was found scrawled on the Bomber Command Memorial (the Animals in War Memorial was also vandalised on 26th May) and the reaction to it on the Metro newspaper was unsurprising. 



So a mixture of sober let’s-wait-and-see and frothing hatred of Muslims and other minorities expressed as let’s-have-a-racially-pure-Britain, with comments about burning mosques, revenge attacks on Muslims, denial it could be the EDL and pro-EDL comments. 

Then we have the stuff the far-Right on their own pages said.


Lots of calls for genocide and ethnic cleansing.

But the truth was a little different from what the far-Right believed….


Man admits Rigby memorial graffiti

8 days ago  By Press Association

A man has pleaded guilty to scrawling graffiti about Fusilier Lee Rigby’s murder on the RAFBomber Command War Memorial.

Daniel James Smith, 21, of Grecian Street North, Salford, admitted writing “Lee Rigby’s killers should hang” on the memorial in central London on June 5 - a monument he did not realise was a war memorial.

Colleen Gildernew, defending, said: “He had no idea that the war memorial was a war memorial.

"He is very disgusted with himself, even more so because of that."

Smith also daubed “EDL” and “F*** the police” on the memorial in Green Park, prosecutor Izolda Switala-Gribbin said.

Smith was planning on going to Fusilier Rigby’s funeral but was arrested and could not go, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

Ms Gildernew said Smith had applied for a job in the British Army but was unsuccessful “because of his convictions as a young boy”.

The court heard Smith has 44 convictions and has appeared in different courts five times this year.

Ms Gildernew said the experiences of Smith’s two army friends - one who has lost both legs and another who suffers from memory loss as the result of a bomb - had an “emotional impact on him”.

The damage to the memorial, which was created to remember the thousands of RAF crew who lost their lives in the Second World War, amounted to £870.

The memorial was vandalised twice in just over a week following the murder of Fusilier Rigby in Woolwich, south east London, on May 22.

District Judge Quentin Purdy described the content of the graffiti inflicted on June 5 by Smith, and its location, as “highly emotive”.

He added that Smith’s actions clearly challenged the “tolerance we all seek to see in society”.

Mr Purdy said people will want to know what the court is doing about people, “brains in gear or not”, who inflict such damage.

The judge said he was prepared to explore all “reasonable options” for Smith moving on rather than being sent back into custody.

But he said a custodial sentence was a possibility, adding “there may be no alternative”.

Mr Purdy told Smith his punishment should “reflect the public’s concern about your criminal conduct”.

He told the 21-year-old his actions “caused offence to many”.

The court was told that Smith has spent the past 11 weeks in Feltham Young Offenders’ Institution and was released only yesterday.

Mr Purdy said it was “slightly worrying” that Smith was released with few arrangements in place.

Smith’s previous convictions relate mainly to shoplifting, Ms Gildernew told the court.

She said he was brought up by his grandmother and had little in terms of family support, describing his childhood as “unsettled”.

The court heard that he left school at the age of 15 with no qualifications, battled cannabis addiction in his teenage years and struggled with homelessness.

Ms Gildernew said Smith, dressed in a colourful T-shirt, was “shaking and very tearful” before the hearing.

Smith also pleaded guilty to causing £510 of criminal damage to a wall of a commercial property in Knightsbridge.

Mr Purdy remanded Smith in custody and adjourned sentencing until Tuesday November 5 at the same court pending further inquiries into suitable arrangements for him.


Man aged 21 admits scrawling graffiti about British soldier Lee Rigby’s death on RAF Bomber Command Memorial

1 Nov 2013 15:30

Daniel James Smith has admitted causing criminal damage by scrawling graffiti on the memorial on June 5

Guilty: A 21-year-old man has today pleaded guilty to scrawling graffiti about the death of a British soldier on the RAF Bomber Command Memorial in central London
Guilty: A 21-year-old man has today pleaded guilty to scrawling graffiti about the death of a British soldier on the RAF Bomber Command Memorial in central London
Crown Copyright

A man has pleaded guilty to scrawling graffiti about Fusilier Lee Rigby’s death on the RAF Bomber Command War Memorial in central London.

Daniel James Smith, 21, admitted writing “Lee Rigby’s killers should hang” on the memorial on June 5.

It came after father-of-one Rigby , 25, of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, died as he returned to Woolwich barracks in south London  the previous month.

Colleen Gildernew, defending Smith, told Westminster Magistrates Court today: “He had no idea that the war memorial was a war memorial.

"He is very disgusted with himself, even more so because of that."

Smith also daubed “EDL” and “F*** the police” on the Green Park memorial, prosecutor Izolda Switala-Gribbin said.

Smith, of Salford,  was planning on going to Fusilier Rigby’s funeral but was arrested and could not go, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

Ms Gildernew said Smith had applied for a job in the British Army but was unsuccessful “because of his convictions as a young boy”.

The court heard Smith has 44 convictions and has appeared in different courts five times this year.

Ms Gildernew said the experiences of Smith’s two army friends - one who has lost both legs and another who suffers from memory loss as the result of a bomb - had an “emotional impact on him”.

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale deny murdering the Army drummer on May 22.

Adebolajo, 28, of Romford, Essex, and Adebowale, 22, of Greenwich, South East London,  also deny conspiracy to murder a police officer and the attempted murder of a police officer.

The trial of the two men is due to start on November 18.    

So he has what appears to be a non-Muslim name, is pro-EDL and wrote graffiti supportive of hanging Lee Rigby’s killers. He also is a career criminal who tried to get into the Army but was turned down because of his convictions, of which he had 44. Additionally he claimed in effect that he is so stupid (you could say monumentally stupid) that he did not realise that a large monument-like structure with “Royal Air Force” and statues of airmen on it, was a war memorial. Which begs the question why did he choose to deface a military memorial with graffiti supportive of a dead soldier, if he didn’t realise it was a war memorial? 

The reaction to this has been total silence from the far-Right, mainly because they almost certainly only get a buzz out of such things when Muslims do them. Just like how only three days before the parade in Luton in March 2009 that saw Muslims abuse homecoming troops and led to the foundation of the EDL, two British soldiers were shot dead by the IRA on UK soil. Apparently two British soldiers being shot dead by Irish extremists in the UK provokes no sort of reaction from the far-Right, yet one getting stabbed to death by Muslim extremists provokes an orgy of violence and vandalisim. I think we all know what the difference is….

I’ll leave you with the EDL honouring our war dead in Royal Wootton Bassett. 

That’s how much respect they have for our troops: drunken out-of-tune bawling and defacing war memorials. 

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The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

Oh man this is just one awesome week! Things are happening at such a rate it would probably be foolish of me to attempt to analyse things to any great depth, however as someone who enjoys mischievous chaos I’m finding current events to be highly amusing. Everything’s so confusing, no-one seems to know what’s going on and right in the middle is the instigator of events Stephen Lennon, AKA Tommy Robinson. If he intended to play a practical joke on everyone he’s done a bloody good job of it: good on yer! He’s sided with what appears to be the moderate anti-Islamist Muslims of Quilliam, which obviously has upset the hardcore Muslim-haters of the EDL and the far-Right in general.

 He’s managed to enrage his former sponsors on t’other side of the Pond, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

Geller now considers him to be some sort of Islamist traitor engaged in “stealth jihad”. Then again Geller thinks that about many people she doesn’t like. She’s a bit funny like that.


"It is clear what is happening. Now he is the poster boy for the stealth jihad. It seems they have taught Tommy well. His deception to friends and colleagues mirrors the Islamic teachings of kitman (lie by omission) and taqiyya."

Hmm, OK Pammy, whatever you say….

 He claims that prison meant that he reassessed his life a bit, so he’s apologised for intimidating Muslims and puts it down to often being drunk and the thrill of being the leader of an angry mob. That’s nice….oh yes and he’s going to help the police catch racist criminals within the EDL, of which one imagines there are many. That won’t go down well!


Muslims who previously didn’t like him are praising his decision to quit the EDL, whilst other people took offence to him when he was filming a documentary and beat him up (which isn’t funny, but the whole thing is farcical).


 His new Twitter feed is a mixture of praise from both Muslims and EDL, but at the same time some people aren’t very happy.



He’s been replaced by an EDLer so obscure, Tim Ablitt, that he’s probably very little known outside of Dorset. What is known of him is that his company was used as a front for the EDL on PayPal, who wouldn’t allow the EDL to use their services. He’s the hapless individual who is also known for being stripped to his underwear by the police, having the contents of his house removed and the windows of his Land Rover shot out, because him and his Dorset EDL associates were suspected of plotting to bomb a Bournemouth mosque. His accomplishments include saying public sector workers are all “left wing parasites” and stating that three prominent antifascists who were in fact not within 100 miles of a particular EDL demo, were in fact in the midst of it and not only that but he’d photographed them!

 OK, so when it comes to him giving a speech at Bradford he may give a speech appealing to the EDL’s sense of unity in a manner so fine and inspiring that it is reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Henry V, as adapted by Ernest Hemmingway, read aloud by Laurence Olivier, Richard Burton and Winston Churchill, and directed by Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick. Or indeed it may in fact be reminiscent of Mr. Bean reading aloud the contents of a cornflake packet. Tim Ablitt isn’t known for giving speeches at EDL demos, so electing him as leader when giving speeches at demos is the main part of the job probably wasn’t a sound idea. Oh well.

The trouble is the political situation is akin to what was happening to the leadership in Germany in April/May 1945. I must stress that this is strictly a comparison between the difficulties in political succession, NOT a cheap shot at comparing ideologies and political figures. Anyway Hitler had snuffed it and appointed Doenitz as his successor. Now with Hitler’s obvious successors either dead (Goebbels, Bormann) or fled (Himmler, Goering), Doenitz sort of ended up as a caretaker chancellor winding up the Third Reich in a transitional period that spanned a few weeks from Hitler’s death to the point where the Allies could take over the running of Germany (they allowed Doenitz to carry on being chancellor up to that point). Ablitt’s in a similar position from a party point of view: all the senior leaders have gone and he’s the unlikely successor chosen to keep things going as best he can, despite lacking the strong personality, oratory skills and popular support of his predecessor. Ablitt’s the chairman not because he’s a good leader, but because the EDL need a leader and what remains of the leadership wants a fall guy chairman.

 And then the people who’ve opposed him for the last 4.5 years, myself included, really don’t know what to make of all this. We scratch our heads and wonder what he’s up to. Has he genuinely changed? If he has how come it’s been so dramatic? What’s his relationship with Quilliam? Is Quilliam a good or a bad thing? Is Tommy leaving the EDL a good or a bad thing? Now we don’t know what to do with this possibly reformed and even penitent man who has rejected the EDL. Oh how things were so much simpler when he was bad old Tommy Robinson, leader of the fascist EDL! He does however appear to view things in that ever-so-simple triangle of EDL-Muslims-antifascists, with antifascists being composed of either communists or anarchists. Well you didn’t exactly expect him to become vastly more knowledgeable in the last three days did you? Anyhow, he’s decided that he has rejected the EDL and antifascist corners of the triangle and feels happiest sat on the Muslim corner getting chummy with Quilliam.

 And you know what? Personally I don’t care if he does. There are concerns that in working with Quilliam he’ll get legitimacy and will be able to use that to further his evil plans (mwahahahahaha!). Other people say that in removing him from the EDL the EDL is finished. In my opinion the EDL was based around Tommy Robinson and removing him alone would’ve been bad enough, but taking a dozen of the senior members of the leadership too will be catastrophic.

The EDL made him famous for one reason: the media wanted to talk to the leader of the mob of far-Right extremists who were going round smashing towns and fighting the police. Think about it; if the media were going to interview anyone would they prefer to interview Abdullah the crazed, fanatical Taliban fighter or Muhammad the thoughtful, peace loving moderate Muslim? So if Tommy Robinson starts being all nice the media will find him boring and he’ll fade from view I reckon. That’s not to say that if he is being honest about his intentions that he won’t do good things, but that we just won’t hear about them because he won’t be the leader of the violent, and therefore newsworthy, EDL any more.

 If he’s on the level, good for him and best of luck. He’ll have estranged himself from his former support base and will carve out a new career in anti-extremism.

If this is some elaborate ruse, then he’s already made enemies of most of the far-Right and if he tries to go back to his old ways he’ll be totally discredited to moderate anti-Islamists. In short he’ll be a total outcast both politically and socially; a double traitor.

 The objective as I see it is to end the EDL and its ability to cause harm, not end Tommy Robinson as a political figure. Separate the two into distinct entities. Sort out the EDL first and see what Robinson does, as to criticise him when he may be genuine would be unfair. That’s not to say all is forgiven overnight, but I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt until I see him living up to his promises.

But for now I’ll ride the wave of confusion he is creating and enjoy this delicious slice of chaos in the week that Tommy Robinson actually did something totally fresh and unpredictable.


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EDL - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

It appears that the far-Right are trying to capitalise as much as possible from the demise of the English Defence League. 
This “new” EDL page popped up on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/English-Defence-League-EDL/207812386056771

It appears to be a Daily-Bale-style page of the sort allegedly run by Alex Wood and Joshua Bonehill. This EDL page is probably the best thing that could ever have happened as regards to further destroying the EDL. As discussed somewhat humorously on this blog a few months back, the three main “articles of faith” of the EDL are Tommy Robinson, the main Facebook page and the Mission Statement.

The Mission Statement is however more like the inconvenient bits in the Bible that you’re supposed to follow but are ignored by loads of Christians: “love thy neighbour”, “thou shalt not steal”, “thou shalt not kill”, “thou shalt not commit adultery”, etc. It’s ignored by everyone, including the people who wrote it and it stands for bugger all unless the EDL want to show they aren’t racist. “We aren’t racist, our Mission Statement says so!”

So now Tommy’s gone and the main page seems to be there one minute and gone the next, the EDL don’t really have anything to glue them together apart from a sense of being EDL. That new page will draw in the EDLers desperate to remain part of the EDL, but instead they’ll see a load of ridiculous nonsense about Alex Wood declaring himself to be the leader. It will sow more confusion, just like the profusion of fake EDL pages did after the main page last went down in July 2011.

This comment is funny because ”Tommy Robinson” was a nom de guerre used by Stephen Lennon that he borrowed from the leader of the Luton MIGs, of whom he was an alleged member. So it is a sort of title!


Andrew Mcginn Will the new leader of the EDL have to change his name to Tommy Robinson?

Like · Reply · 3 · 8 October at 18:23

All hail Tommy the 3rd!

As for Bradford on 12th October, well based on what happened in 2011 post-Breivik (coincidentally the massacres happened on the same day their previous main page was taken down) and what happened last year with the debacle at Walthamstow, the mass-arrest of over 50 of their leaders and Tommy being in prison, the numbers will drop off dramatically.

The numbers will probably be in the low hundreds at most I reckon, possibly even below 100. In the past Tommy has always been able to rally them and the numbers have increased again, there’s a rough variation of about 200 to 2,000 for national demos depending on morale, but that won’t happen this time. Basically without Tommy there’s no hope and no future for most of the EDL’s supporters.

Tommy also has a stabilising effect on the EDL and with pretty much anyone who was likely to have succeeded him out of the picture, I would imagine EDL demonstrations will become less stable as a consequence. They were always violent, but without any sort of focus or restraining influence there’s good reason to believe they will become more so. A focus, the speeches, gave them some sort of point to be at the demos apart from just getting drunk and fighting, meaning without the leaders to give the speeches there’ll be just…. well, drinking and fighting presumably.

However to balance that out the demos should become much smaller as a consequence of Tommy, the star attraction, no longer being in the EDL. He set the EDL up, made himself the leader and the whole thing snowballed into a personality cult. Him leaving will be like sticking a pin in a balloon, seeing as him merely being in prison for a bit led to a dramatic drop in morale and turnouts.

If we look at the life cycle of far-Right organisations, what you have is a support base of angry people, who are generally nationalistic, xenophobic and racist, and who are scared that Britain will be destroyed by immigrants and the Left. That’s the basics: your plain quarter pounder. You can then chuck in stuff like anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and different tactics like the cheese, salad and sauces. 
Every so often a new movement will grow out of this oozing mass of hatred, get bigger, make the news, then will splinter and collapse, its supporters moving to other groups.

The EDL tried to be clever by claiming to only target a religion as opposed to a race, in order to avoid being labelled racists and attempted to appear a bit more “PC” by trying to attract ethnic minorities and LGBT people, in order to dispel the image attached to the far-Right of white, neo-Nazi racists. Unfortunately for them the rhetoric didn’t match the image seen at their demos. We will certainly see people who under the EDL banner were claiming to be non-racist being racist once there’s no-one to tell them to pretend to be otherwise. I’ve already seen one person from the “non-racist” EDL saying Tommy and Kev have “sided with the P*kis”.

The vultures of the BNP and NF are circling the dying body of the EDL, just like the EDL took supporters away from the BNP when that fell apart three years ago. 
The Infidels don’t seem to have capitalised on the EDL’s stricken state, as they seem to be indisposed at the moment….


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Dear English Defence League,
It would seem a bit perhaps like gloating to say, “We told you so”, but for the last four years we and others have been telling you that the man you’ve chosen to follow is an untrustworthy conman. We have also showed you that the man is a liar and is on trial for fraud. But as you decided to ignore what we said and dismissed it as “leftist propaganda”, or whatever useful term you use to pigeon-hole the uncomfortable truth, it is very hard for us to feel any sympathy for you. This isn’t gloating, this is us reminding you that you were warned about your “man-god” of a leader and that he was using you to establish his own personality cult, and now he has forsaken you, you have no excuses. What he has done to you is to use you over the last four years to boost his giant ego and to make himself famous. In building up the EDL and doing all those demos he has brought himself to the attention of the media. Now he thinks that he doesn’t need the EDL any more and can set up his own political party, so you are all surplus to requirements. Think of it like a Saturn V moon rocket. You are the lower stages of the rocket that boosts the lunar capsule right at the top, Tommy, into space. Once the capsule’s in space the other bits fall away and are discarded as they are now useless.

This is what he said two years ago back in November 2011.

"I’m not leaving the EDL. I’m not quitting the EDL." 

"Are you really just surrendering and walking away? For what? Wha….wha….What are you going to walk away to?"

He was in the EDL for life apparently and poured scorn on anyone who wanted to quit, calling them unpatriotic with no care for Queen, Country or their children. He says he didn’t want to be the leader, but was happy to be the public face and in the media spotlight. He also claims he had nothing to do with the EDL’s finances, so where did all the money go that you sent him and how come the PayPal account was set up by him? Now his face is often on the TV and only the other day he was claiming to have £40,000 in the bank. Where did that come from? Seems that he’s loaded, famous and therefore doesn’t need you any more.

Only back in June he was claiming there were no neo-Nazis in the EDL and has strenuously denied there being neo-Nazis in the EDL on other occasions, yet now he’s saying that he’s leaving because the EDL has been taken over by neo-Nazis. Considering that himself and a dozen other senior leaders left for that apparent reason, therefore he’s saying that most of you that are left are neo-Nazis or are controlled by neo-Nazis. Think on that one. Not much of a nice goodbye after four and a half years is it?

Sincerest Commiserations,
Team Expose