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A Distorted Kind of Reality

I thought I’d give a few examples of just how the EDL think and how their thought patterns don’t really conform to most people’s definition of reality.

Muslims and Asians


As noted previously the EDL go out of their way to make a big fuss any time grooming gangs are referred to as “Asian”, insisting that they be called “Muslim” instead. This is entirely down to them having to keep up the pretence that they are against Islam as a religion and not just a bunch of “Paki-bashing” racists. References to members of their victim group as “Asian” merely underline what they’re really about, so they hate it.
Just how stupid the picture is can be summed up thus.

1. They have multiple different ethnic groups on there from Asia (some of whom, like Burma and India, may well be Muslims), which they collectively refer to as the “Asian race”, but leave out Pakistanis. Pakistan being an Asian country.

2. The grooming gang in the photo consists of men of Pakistani origin.

3. Saying they should be called Muslims as “Asian” covers many different ethnicities is hypocritical, because “Muslim” covers many different ethnicities including Turks, Albanians, Moroccans, Malaysians Somalis and Nigerians, none of whom are represented in the above “Muslims” image.

We have no free speech

There’s a line between free speech and mere rabble-rousing hatred. The EDL don’t believe it should apply to them, although they’re happy to call for Anjem Choudary to be hanged  for what he says, when in truth he’s no different from them. If they themselves had no free speech they wouldn’t have been at liberty to chat shite for the last five years.


  • Craig Carrick Holsgrove I’ve just been suspended because of the views I have. I put on twitter that I believe Muslims are paedo’s, this got reported to the police and the police reported my tweet to my company. I am devastated and heartbroken that something I know is true and something I truly believe in has resulted in me being a victim of my own view
Craig Carrick Holsgrove has been suspended from his job for saying he thinks Muslims are paedophiles and that’s because we have no free speech….but wait, how are they able to write this if they have no free speech? No, dear Craig, the law says you can’t go round whipping up hatred of minority groups by the use of libellous bullshit. How would he feel if some Muslim said he was a paedophile due to Jimmy Saville being white and a Christian?

get Over yourselves. Playing the race card again. Shame on you all

Muslims are paedo’s end off, the book says it’s ok

Looking at the tweet (since removed) he does appear to be labouring under the false impression that the Qu’ran advocates paedophilia. It doesn’t. In fact it would appear there are all sorts of things in the Qu’ran according to the EDL that a search reveals aren’t actually in there. According to the EDL the Qu’ran even allows for having sex with goats! The EDL seem happy to accept baseless rumours as fact, so I suspect the ground upon which Mr. Holgrove intends to stand will collapse under his feet the moment he cites the Qu’ran as evidence. 

We’re peaceful!

I found this one particularly funny!

Oh no, they’ve taken his human rights away from him and are treating him like a terrorist or extremist! Please send money, because he’s helped the cause in the past!

But wait….

So he’s got 45 months inside for violent disorder at the EDL’s Walsall demonstration. A bit violent ain’t he?

And do this….



And this….

….make you think that he’s anything other than a violent, racist maniac? Oh, and Mrs Schultz can forget about getting any help from the EDL, because they probably forgot about Richard Schultz the moment he got sent down.

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Remember how the EDL aren’t Nazis? Well….

This blog entry all started with a picture on the EDL’s main page….it’s a doctored quote.


Being called racist or fascist makes the EDL squirm

The English Defence League are quite vocal about what they say they aren’t, i.e. racists and Nazis. They really hate being called that, but the trouble is they keep contradicting this.

Their defences consist of:

1. Islam’s not a race. However Judaism not being a race never stopped Hitler and “Muslim” is a euphemism for “Pakistani” in any case.

2. “We’re not Nazis, we’re patriots/nationalists!” The Nazis were both extremely patriotic and extremely nationalistic.

3. “Our grandfathers fought the Nazis!” So what? You aren’t your grandfathers and Nazism or opposition to it isn’t a genetically inherited condition. If it was most Germans would be Nazis!

4. They’ll say the Mission Statement says they’re not racist. That would be the Mission Statement that they themselves wrote. Like if ISIS had a mission statement saying they weren’t violent….

5. They’ll claim that Islam and Nazism/fascism are the same ideology and that Muslims are the real Nazis, despite the fact that one is extremely nationalistic and centres on a single culture and race; whereas the other ignores national borders and is multicultural and multi-ethnic. Thus they attempt to do a bit of role reversal and have you believe that the religious minority that the far right extremists want to wipe out, are the real Nazis.

6. They’ll claim racism is a “made up word” and therefore carries no meaning. Here’s news: all words are made up and that’s pretty much an admission that their behaviour is racist.

7. In a couple of incidents - Tommy Robinson for one - the EDL have even claimed that fascism ceased to exist in 1945.

Their excuses are so ludicrous and vocal they merely add fuel to the fire.

The EDL forget the script

And when they forget it, man do they forget it! We are well accustomed to seeing the EDL write and say things that are totally racist and then then deny they ever said such things.

The EDL’s history of the Second World War

The EDL basically either don’t know history or don’t get the lessons of history. Their account of Nazism contains elements of the following.

We fought the Nazis in both world wars; Hitler allied himself with Islam (i.e. all Muslims); no Muslims fought for the Allies; if any Muslims fought for the Allies they were either forced to or were defending Mecca; the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a close friend of Hitler’s and invented the Final Solution/gas chambers; the SS Handschar Division was their most feared division and killed most of the Jews in Yugoslavia; if your grandparents fought fascists that means your immune to becoming one yourself; the Muslims are worse than the Nazis; Hitler was a decent leader but he should’ve killed the Muslims instead of the Jews; Hitler would’ve been all right if he hadn’t have gone to war with us; it’s a shame the Nazis lost because there’d be no “ethnics”/Muslims in Britain now; we need a man like Hitler now; send the Muslims to the gas chambers.

The above paragraph is total bollocks

A lot of the above is morally wrong. As for the factual inaccuracies, well obviously we only fought the Nazis in WW2. Then there’s the Grand Mufti, who only met Hitler once briefly in Berlin, was not influential on Nazi policy, the Final Solution was arrived at at the Wannsee Conference at which the Mufti wasn’t present, Hitler viewed the Arabs as “painted half-apes”, the Nazis had already killed hundreds of thousands of Jews and had started using Zyklon B gas in August 1941 before the Grand Mufti arrived in Berlin in November 1941, and the crematoria  were designed by Topf & Sons. He may have not opposed the Final Solution, but it would be silly to suggest that the Nazis actually required encouragement. The total number of Muslims in the SS barely got over 2% of its total strength, the SS’s Muslim divisions suffered from high levels of desertion, and it was the Catholic Croatian Ustaše (Croatian Nazis) who ran the death camps in Yugoslavia and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people, including Jews, Serbs, Gypsies and Muslims.

The Axis forces never threatened Mecca and the Indian Army, of which 800,000 out of 2.5 million soldiers were Muslims, was a 100% volunteer army. 

Yes, indeed, the EDL know fuck all about the Second World War, apart from a few scant details that they have wildly elaborated on or reinterpreted.

No, scratch that. I’m crediting them with too much intelligence.

The EDL know fuck all about the Second World War, apart from a few scant details that other people have wildly elaborated on or reinterpreted for them. They combine a lack of critical thinking ability with ignorance and a penchant for believing any bullshit that suits them.

Deep down the EDL know they’re like Nazis, but want to distance themselves from them 

So they invent all sorts of stupid reasons as to why they aren’t, but at the same time let slip Nazi-like things about genocide, subhumans, etc. Well either that or they must be the stupidest fuckers who ever drew breath.

Without further ado….

Here is the above put into practice.

A screen-cap for when the admins pull the thread.

Their latest trick is to pretend Hitler himself was in fact a Muslim! A fine collection of Hitler-licking, conspiracy theories and utter nonsense it is too!

What he actually said is on page 65 of Mein Kampf.

 If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew is victorious over the other peoples of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity and this planet will, as it did thousands of years ago, move through the ether devoid of men.

Eternal Nature inexorably avenges the infringement of her commands.

Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.

Yep, the same Marxists the EDL are always say run the country. In fact the very same Marxists the British far right have always claimed to be a Jewish conspiracy. Now Muslims are Enemy Number One and not the Jews, Marxism is part of some sort of Muslim plot to take over. Coincidence? Not bloody likely!

Now we have some examples of pure EDL bigotry, Hitler-licking and pure paranoid lunacy from the above thread.

I’m not a Nazi, but….



Ooh, Luke doesn’t take criticism well!


Not holding back there, are you Elliot Felski?


See, Hitler’s only vice was killing Jews and that was down to him being a failed artist! Him being a violent dictator, killing millions of other people and starting a world war was OK.



Ah, so him killing Jews was OK, but being over-ambitious when it came to enemies wasn’t? 


"Do some research" means "Read the same bullshit theories I did"


That’s funny; Islam’s only been around 1400 years and Israel 66 years.


Nazism and Islam are the same, the Kingdom of Israel never ended, we’re all descended from Jews, the Nazis didn’t want world domination, and Richard Müller appears to be saying that there’s some sort of secret truth about the Nazis that we are discouraged from knowing about.



Hitler was a kind, humble human being who did what he thought was right, was betrayed by his closest friends and has been slandered after his death. Aw, bless! He had no slaves? WTF!?


I’m not exactly sure what that says. Something about Hitler having a point: which point would that be?


I thought they weren’t a race? Make your minds up!



How dare you call Mr. Hitler a Muslim! If he were around today he’d be very old indeed.

Mein Kampf is a great bedtime read


The Bromberg Massacre (now Bydgoszcz) happened on 3rd September 1939 (i.e. after the invasion), when retreating Polish troops were fired on by German agents and irregulars. The Nazis used it as propaganda of “Polish barbarism”. He owns a copy of the Nazi bible, regurgitates Nazi propaganda and thinks it’s a shame the Nazis didn’t win the war: what do we think he is? 


Yeah, because Waterstone’s probably reckoned you’re a neo-Nazi. Weren’t wearing an EDL hoodie when you asked, were you?

History isn’t our strong point 



Muslims were allied to Hitler in the two world wars? Or is that a weird abbreviation of Second World War? If it’s the latter it’s broadly correct, however both of them ignore that Hitler was allied to many different non-Muslims and Muslims fought against Hitler.



He briefly met Hitler once, the Grand Mufti didn’t help Hitler kill thousands of Jews, and his real motivation was his opposition to British rule in Palestine and Zionism. His anti-Semitism is only relevant from the point of view that he sided with Hitler, as other anti-Semites put their nations’ interests first when their countries declared war on Germany. Everyone except Elvis Dali thinks the fake quote is real. 


Hitler “liberated” Poland and Poland hardly fired a shot? That would be why the Poles held out for a month, the Germans committed atrocities against civilians and bombed Warsaw, and the Poles carried on fighting underground in huge numbers until the Red Army arrived in 1944. Hitler was taking back what had been “stolen” from Germany? Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Greece, Yugoslavia: none had territory taken from Germany after WWI. “Jew” history books? Russia needed invading because of the Bolsheviks? European countries presumably wanted to be occupied so much that they were happy to work as slave labour and be subject to genocide. More Nazi propaganda about the Polish military shooting down German civilian aeroplanes. 

We’ll believe any picture with a quote attributed to a famous person



Yep, some people are quite happy to believe dodgy quotes without bothering to check them up.

Just plain weird!


The Astors were Christians of German extraction, the Rockefellers were Protestants with German, English and Scots-Irish roots. The Manhattan Project did not use captured Nazi scientists and….well…I think the rest comes from watching too many films! 

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Alan Henning: The EDL’s Reaction To His Murder

Do you want to know what sick is? The following. Alan Henning, a good man, was brutally murdered by the scum of ISIL. What was the EDL reaction? This.


A link to the image: http://oi62.tinypic.com/68vscz.jpg


It’s turns out the British hostage Alan Henning is a well intentioned idiot who was helping out militant Islamists.

Father-of-two Mr Henning, from Eccles, Salford, was seized by jihadists in Syria while attempting to deliver aid and now faces death at the hands of ISIS…


Far Left British aid worker Alan Henning beheaded by ISIS brute ‘Jihadi John’…
BREAKING NEWS: British ISIS hostage Alan Henning ‘beheaded’
A video purporting to show the beheading of British aid working Alan Henning by ISIS militants in Syria has been posted online. At the end of the footage, American war veteran Peter Kassig is shown.
  • 2 people like this.
  • Darren Adamson He wont be going back there in a hurry.
  • Unplugged Debate (Renovate Animos) I have little sympathy…
  • Sumit Singh Sandal You have little sympathy…that makes sense, unfortunately.
  • Paul Broadfield he was according to the headline “far left” …a strong message to left wingers !
  • Darren Adamson i find it hard, these are the kind of do gooders that have a burning hatred for nationalists and call us all racists. No sympathy here.
  • Unplugged Debate (Renovate Animos) He meant well - I get that - but he was a well meaning idiot…
  • Stephanie Mitchell Pull all westerners out of the whole of the middle east and level it . Worlds problems solved
  • John Swales He’s one of the use full idiots we warned the far left about.
  • Sumit Singh Sandal Level it? I wondered when you’d come up with a sensible idea Stephanie Mitchell.
  • Darren Adamson The same as all the arse lickers here who will be in the firing line when they turn on our streets.
  • Stephanie Mitchell Theres no harm in voicing what many think
    The original title of the article was "British aid worker Alan Henning beheaded by ISIS brute ‘Jihadi John’…, there being NO mention of his political affiliations whatsoever in the article. I believe there is grounds for libel there and possibly glorification of terrorism in the comments.

    Lee Rigby got beheaded by Islamic extremists and the EDL went berserk, saying he was a slain hero. Alan Henning gets beheaded by Islamic extremists and the EDL say HE was an extremist and brought it on himself. Both men risked their lives doing their respective jobs in the Middle East. The difference? Presumably it comes down to Lee Rigby being a soldier and fighting Muslims, and Alan Henning being an aid worker and helping Muslims. Because in the English Defence League’s fucked up universe Muslims are all evil, so killing them is good and doing charitable work with them is bad.
    Seeing as they’ve decided to trash Mr. Henning simply because he was helping people they have a psychopathic hatred of and because his murder will be trending higher than anything else in the UK tomorrow, their names will be tagged with his name on this blog.  Fuck the sick bastards.

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Andrew Edge. Why is it all EDL supporters resemble the aliens from the film Hangar 18? 

Is there some sort of top secret government cloning tank that produces them? They all seem to think and act the same way too, like they had one mind!

A Bad Lad (Allegedly) 

Anyway it seems Andrew Edge is facing prison: https://www.facebook.com/andrew.edge.1426/posts/326771527503041?fref=nf

 A nice screen-cap in case the thread mysteriously vanishes…. 


Phew! What A Loony!

His own words:

Andrew Edge

5 hrs ·

this time in a week from now i start a four day trial in birmingham crown court with my fellow edl lions im about to lose my home my family my business becauz were goin to be fitted up by west midlands police and our corrupt goverment my barristers telling me to expect 3/4 yrs ffs ..but you know what its all been worth it to stand with my edl family and to make a stand against islam dnt get me wrong im gona miss my kids and grandkids but my home and business i can build again …the way i see it sumone as to stand up to muslims tryna over run our country and make us live under sharia law how am i supposed to just sit back and say or do nothing wen pakistani men are raping our children i carnt!! thats not me i will stand and fight for my country for our customs and my beleifs i dnt want halal meat forced dwn my throat i dont want arranged marriages and under age sex its all totally wrong and against our countrys laws ..but our corrupt goverment are happy to turn a blind eye …WELL guess wat im fakin not and i refuse to thats why im a proud footsoldier of the EDL and while ill always will be they can throw me in prison and throw away the key but ill never change my views the days islam attacked lee rigby on the streets of our capital city was in my eyes the day i went to war and i will continue to be at war until the last muslim as left our lands im sat watching channel 4 news writing this there interveiwing muslims in rusholme manchester there sayin how britain shud not join america in bombing isis ffs !!” wel i say fuck you u horrible cunts i hope we blow them all to smithereans ther fukin barbaric evil paedos in my eyes and they disgust me and always will ..to all my edl family keep up the good fight caus ur the only people who giv me and my country any kind of hope …wen i do get sent dwn i wil open a edl prison division and will sumhow keep in touch with all u brave men and angels cauz in my eyes ur all good down to earth people the backbone of our country so remember NFSE to islam stay loud and proud and respect to u all E E EDL til day i die …plz like and share so amany patriots

 Edge considers himself a foot-soldier at war with Islam, prepared to lose his family and his livelihood for his beliefs, which involve forcing Islam from this country.

Now if the last sentence actually read, “Edge considers himself a foot-soldier at war for Islam, prepared to lose his family and his livelihood for his beliefs, which involve forcing Islam on this country”, the media would doubtless be having a field day.

He is an intolerant fanatic who sees violence as a means to an end and sees a specific incident as an excuse to behave this way. The same as Islamist fanatics in fact.

Hamas say pretty much the same thing about how they’ll be at war until every last Jew has left Israel/Palestine, yet everyone accepts them as fanatical extremists whereas the EDL are “patriots”.

 We Woz Set Up!

As usual we have the EDL claiming they were “fitted up” by the police and our “corrupt government”. It’s apparently all some big conspiracy against the EDL in order to silence them and protect Muslims, who according to people like Andrew Edge are paedophiles and terrorists who are taking over.

Why non-Muslim politicians would happily protect such people, who according to the EDL will eventually kill them, is anyone’s guess. The usual explanation is that it’s either a conspiracy between hardcore communists (that includes David Cameron!) and ultra-zealous Islamists, or that the “lefties” (anyone who doesn’t spend their entire existence hating Muslims) are too stupid to notice that every last single Muslim is engaged in a holy war to take over the UK. In all cases anyone who doesn’t like the EDL and similar extremists is considered to support paedophilia and terrorism.

 Yes, most conspiracy theories are built on mindless bullshit when you think about it.

Reality vs Bullshit

Here’s what himself and eight other EDL supporters were charged with on 25th February 2014: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/birmingham-edl-riot-nine-court-6745053

 To give you some idea just how much the EDL were “fitted up”, sixteen men have already pleaded guilty: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/edl-rally-birmingham-sixteen-men-7154286

 £150,000 worth of damage to an office block and £6000 damage to a sign: the EDL’s violent disorder was not exactly a figment of West Midlands Police’s imagination.

In fact here we have the EDL being violent in Birmingham on 20th July 2013: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcH8RTDWR38

The stupid thing is the EDL know that they are violent. Videos of them show them enjoying being violent and they brag about being violent on social media sites, such as Facebook. Until they get put on trial and then they say they were “fitted up” and deny any association with the EDL in court. Both childish and cowardly when you think about it.

 Edge And His EDL Friends Are Deluded Twats

Looking through the responses to his post you can see a shared hatred of Muslims, a shared belief in a conspiracy by the authorities, a disbelief that he could be violent despite his statement that he is a soldier at war with Islam, two of his fellow defendants one of whom has already pleaded guilty, a misplaced belief that Edge has actually accomplished something of note by his actions including the removal of Shaun Wright, a misplaced belief that the British authorities are pro-Muslim, a misplaced belief that Edge is being locked up for being a “patriot”, a misplaced belief that Muslim paedophiles/terrorists get away with everything, and confusion as to why the British public are allowing the authorities to behave in the way the EDL believe they’re behaving.

 A Few Conclusions

  1. The simple fact is that the EDL did not bother to make any great fuss when the Rotherham case broke in 2010 (5 men were convicted for sexual offences against children) and have only made a real fuss now that it is big news. In what way does protesting help 1400 victims of rape and sexual abuse, when the case is already firmly in the public eye and further publicity is superfluous?
  2. Andrew Edge accomplished absolutely nothing noteworthy by camping outside Rotherham Police Station for a couple of weeks. He did not go on hunger strike, his protest was barely mentioned outside of EDL/anti-EDL circles, and Shaun Wright resigned after the EDL had packed up and gone home.
  3. Andrew Edge is facing 3 to 4 years in prison for allegedly being involved in EDL violence in Birmingham, something that they did do beyond doubt, and not because of any insignificant beliefs he may hold. Andrew Edge believes whatever crap he likes; meanwhile the world keeps turning.
  4. The authorities are not pro-Muslim. Their incompetence as regards to preventing the sexual exploitation of children and them not having an open hatred of Muslims does not make them pro-Muslim.
  5. The British public don’t need the EDL to tell them about sexual abuse in Rotherham or in fact anything. They can find out such information themselves. Also they do not need to descend in an angry mob on a town in order to care about the sexual abuse of children.
  6. Andrew Edge states various things about Muslims that make you realise that he has a high exposure to anti-Muslim indoctrination. This includes his belief that Muslims are treated as exempt from UK laws, even though that is untrue, and that Edge and people like him must go to war with them to stop it. The very idea that all Muslim criminals get automatically get let off is a joke, especially as the EDL themselves frequently publish newspaper articles about convicted Muslim criminals and there were in fact 5 convictions for the Rotherham case (see above).
  7. Andrew Edge mentions “Pakistani men raping our children” as a motivation for him, so it’s apparent that race not religion is the issue there. Is he therefore cool with white men raping white children? We haven’t seen him threaten to starve himself to death over cases where hundreds of children have been sexually abused by white adults, so draw your own conclusions.
  8. The only time the EDL has protested or shown any collective concern over any of their supporters going to prison was when Tommy Robinson was locked up when he was still their leader. Anyone else, forget it. If convicted, Andrew Edge will be forgotten about by the rest of the EDL as soon as he’s put inside; like a child kept in detention is forgotten about by the other children when they go out to play.

 Barmy Andy

The aptly-named Andrew Edge has quite plainly gone over the edge of fanaticism, and he and his fellow fanatics see nothing wrong in what they say.  They really don’t think like normal people. What sort of normal person thinks that having a riot and smashing up a city centre is the best way to serve your country, and almost casually is prepared to lose their family and livelihood by being sent to prison for years?

Andrew Edge….or is it Uncle Fester?

They all truly believe his actions have some real meaning, as if him camping outside a police station made a difference. In fact all he’ll be if he’s convicted is some loser who camped outside a police station for two weeks and was ignored, and who also got involved in a riot and got sent to prison as a result. No great loss. The world keeps turning.

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The EDL, NF, BNP, NWI, BF and the whole rogues’ gallery of far-right acronyms have all descended upon Rotherham, for a patriotic dick-swinging contest to see who can exploit hundreds of sexually abused children the most. 


 Any excuse is good when it comes to a spot of “Paki-bashing”, especially when it’s the thought of white kids being sexually abused by swarthy, brown-skinned men. Of course they are only assuming the children were all a) white and b) girls. If it was white men doing this or they didn’t think the children were white, you can guarantee that all this mob would be sat at home watching football at the weekend.

This ranty-but-boring bloke from the Bolton and Spalding EDL Division is going on about travelling to Rotherham to protect his children (assuming he has any), who presumably are in Lincolnshire, against Muslim paedophile gangs in South Yorkshire.


Children in Lincolnshire are threatened by paedophiles in South Yorkshire? Look mate, if you’re so worried about your children’s future, then why are you leaving them and buggering off to another part of the country? Surely staying at home with your kids would be better for their safety and future? Think about it.

 “The authorities won’t do anything, so we’re the last chance!”

If the authorities aren’t going to do anything, what exactly is the demo going to achieve? Demos are supposed to bring pressure on the authorities to do stuff, so it makes you wonder why he’s bothering if he doesn’t think it will work. Presumably he thinks this demo will magically make the grooming gangs vanish, drop dead or have some other magic effect. Or maybe he’s just plain stupid.

 Slagging off your own supporters is probably not going to inspire them much either, especially accusing them of being paedophiles for not going to Rotherham. As if going to Rotherham was necessary to prove ones non-paedophile credentials. As he talks of them being on their keyboards a lot, it’s tempting to think that maybe that’s all the Bolton and Spalding EDL Division is, with Mr. Boring Rant Man being its only genuine real world activist.

 The EDL are always saying how they’re defending their “children and grandchildren’s futures”, because otherwise they’ll be raped, beheaded, genitally mutilated and forced to wear burqas or something (not necessarily in that order). The grandchildren, and sometimes the children, are theoretical in most cases anyway and don’t exist.


Because camping outside a cop shop….                     

imageHaving a barbecue….

imageDrinking beer….


And pissing up walls is a good way to a) defend your children who may be hundreds of miles away and b) sympathise with 1400 sexually abused kids.

 But hey, if they thought those kids had been murdered then it would be mankini and pig mask time!

imageThe EDL keeping it classy in Blackpool for Charlene Downes 

And how can the likes of Andrew Edge afford to take a couple of weeks off work on what must’ve been a spur of the moment decision? How did he persuade his employers to give him the time off or, if he’s self-employed, how can he afford to lose the work? If he’s on working benefits he has to make himself available for work, which he isn’t, and if he’s on sickness/disability benefits, isn’t sleeping rough in a tent in all weathers something that someone who has a long-term health condition would want to avoid? This isn’t just him remember, it is several individuals, so how are they managing this?

imageAs I’ve not seen him declare that he’s ended his hunger strike, after 2 weeks he should’ve lost a massive amount of weight compared to this photo above. If this strike carries on for another few weeks, bearing in mind he says in writing that he’ll go on until Shaun Wright resigns, we can expect him to die of starvation. If however he still looks the same, he isn’t dead and still pretends he was on hunger strike, then he’s a bullshitter. Of course if he admits to not going through with it, then we can tell that it was just piss and wind, like all EDL threats. The thing is with the previous EDL hunger strike it lasted 24 hours (until Tommy got hungry!), but was claimed to have lasted a week, so we can do doubt expect the same here. EDL hunger strikes like all of their politics totally fall short of all their boasts, and revolve around alcohol and bacon!   

image They also plonked themselves outside the police station in Rotherham, despite the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire (Shaun Wright being the man they’re after) being based at 18 Regent Street, Barnsley, about 13 miles away.

Andy Edge is EDL, obviously. Like Mr. Boring Rant Man, Andy Edge says anyone who doesn’t support him is a paedophile.  


The EDL and many other far-right organisations level that very same accusation against anyone who opposes them on their demos.


 Oh dear, the other far-right organisations are trying to muscle in on the EDL’s prime location grief tourism campsite!




This is David Gorton, former supporter of the non-racist EDL’s Blackburn Division….


 ….Who now sympathises with the white supremacist National Front and has become a member of the neo-Nazi NWI. Note the neo-Nazi 14W (14 Words) slogan on his T-shirt.


He looks like Frankenstein’s Monster in a wedding dress!

They have thus declared their opposition to the EDL and anyone opposing a “patriotic” group supports paedophiles, so surely that means the NF, BNP, NWI, BF and all the rest of them support paedophiles?

 The EDL must support paedophiles too, because they object to the presence of other “patriotic” groups protesting about paedophiles. Oh dear, oh dear!


But then again news about Muslim paedophiles and the threat of Muslim paedophiles seems to be what fuels these groups, which is why they are buzzing around Rotherham like flies around shit. So in a sense that’s right: they support the existence of kiddy fiddlers.


Thanks to EDL News for the photos.